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You won't fool me (Percival Graves x Reader)Part 1
It was a light morning when you have stepped out of the train, stretching you stiff arms. You have come back from a mission you were sent on to deal with some minor misbehaving wizards on the East of the US. Being one of the leading aurors made Madame Piquery trust you to complete the mission alone, and although it was quite a long one, you have finally managed to bring it to an end. The three men responsible were now escorted by you to the trial that would take place a day upon arrival to New York at the MACUSA headquarters. You were exhausted from the chase that was leading from town to town and the combat alone against the three as well- at a memory of it you massaged an aching jaw in the place one of the men hit.
A job like a job.
You got off the train, nodding to the fellow wizards that have been waiting for you to take the prisoners over from there. The mission took much longer than anyone had imagined and now a warm summer turned to a dark and unwelcoming late autumn. A cold win
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Mature content
Not today (Thorin x Reader) :iconeithnaart:EithnaArt 1 0
Vulnerable (Thranduil x Reader)
The Battle of Five Armies was over but your leader was nowhere to be found. You fought on the elven side, being an elven noble yourself you felt the duty of accompanying your king and serve him in the most suitable way. The help you could offer was not big, but a dozen of your best archers and you with a sword managed to help in more than just a few situations. You were the one who ran up to aid Thranduil when he was alone, surrounded by orcs inside the ruins. However, after that moment you have lost the sight of him but realized it only after a while as you were too focused on the fighting.
When you finally reunited after the battle, he seemed even colder than he was before. It was his façade in front of everyone, the King with looks of gold and heart of stone. But he was your friend and you knew that deep inside he was different. Deep inside he cared, just not about everything and you had to know how to see through his mask. His anger would sometimes just be the sign of sadness
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Amphebian man by EithnaArt Amphebian man :iconeithnaart:EithnaArt 1 0 Garrus Vakarian T-shirt by EithnaArt Garrus Vakarian T-shirt :iconeithnaart:EithnaArt 4 0 Queen's Life Guard by EithnaArt Queen's Life Guard :iconeithnaart:EithnaArt 0 0 Bofur by EithnaArt Bofur :iconeithnaart:EithnaArt 4 0
Nightmares Bofur x Reader
You had a nightmare. Again.
Ever since you and the company encountered the trolls and goblins you had them. It's not that you didn't face danger before, you did survive through similar situations several times before. It was probably the change of your companions. Other times you were considering people you were travelling with only as the neccessary fact, after the journey you would never see them again. You had been a mercenary after all. At least that's what you decided to do after one of the first journeys. Whenever you recalled it, the old scars on your bach started aching and you had to stop yourself from scratching it. It was a painful memory, one that everyone wishes to forget but can't. You were used by one of your companions, the one you fell for. You loved him, or at least you thought you did. You thought he did, too. Oh boy, you were so wrong. He had used you. He swore to protect you but he had left you when the times got harder. You had thought the company you've been in w
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Aidan Turner by EithnaArt Aidan Turner :iconeithnaart:EithnaArt 2 2 Dean O'Gorman by EithnaArt Dean O'Gorman :iconeithnaart:EithnaArt 3 0 Anders by EithnaArt Anders :iconeithnaart:EithnaArt 1 0 Tom Hiddleston by EithnaArt Tom Hiddleston :iconeithnaart:EithnaArt 1 0 Handsome goddamn Jack by EithnaArt Handsome goddamn Jack :iconeithnaart:EithnaArt 6 3 Severus Snape by EithnaArt Severus Snape :iconeithnaart:EithnaArt 5 0 Falling apart by EithnaArt Falling apart :iconeithnaart:EithnaArt 3 2 Lion Bookmark by EithnaArt Lion Bookmark :iconeithnaart:EithnaArt 1 0


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It was a light morning when you have stepped out of the train, stretching you stiff arms. You have come back from a mission you were sent on to deal with some minor misbehaving wizards on the East of the US. Being one of the leading aurors made Madame Piquery trust you to complete the mission alone, and although it was quite a long one, you have finally managed to bring it to an end. The three men responsible were now escorted by you to the trial that would take place a day upon arrival to New York at the MACUSA headquarters. You were exhausted from the chase that was leading from town to town and the combat alone against the three as well- at a memory of it you massaged an aching jaw in the place one of the men hit.

A job like a job.

You got off the train, nodding to the fellow wizards that have been waiting for you to take the prisoners over from there. The mission took much longer than anyone had imagined and now a warm summer turned to a dark and unwelcoming late autumn. A cold wind has gotten underneath your skirt, sending cold shivers through your skin and making you tighten your coat even more. The thought of your own warm bed and warm tea fortified you and lifted your mood a bit, the thought of seeing your friends even more. Especially one of them.

Graves and you have known each other for quite a long time now and you were proud to say you were one of his few friends. Graves has accompanied you a few years ago on a mission to deal with an obscurus in Canada and you have become closer ever since that. However, with both of you being married to your job and more and more incidents happening over the time, you couldn't see each other as often as before. Queenie was your second friend, with whom you could talk about everything and everyone. Apart from them you had almost no one, being very picky about your surroundings and acquaintances as you couldn't stand mindless and naïve people that cannot think for themselves.

You breathed in the smell of the city, listened to the noise of the people up and about, mixed with the squeaks of seagulls. It was your home and you missed it. You held your suitcase tighter and walked deeper into the city. The report could not wait so you headed to an abandoned alley and after making sure that there was no one around you, disapparated and apparated in front of MACUSA headquarters. You went up the stairs and entered the building, greeting the porter while going through the door. Everyone inside seemed busy, more than usual, as if something has happened. However, every now and then something that needed more attention has been going on and as a result you were not bothered by a it anymore. That is, not until you have looked up at the magical exposure threat meter, which was at one of the highest possible: Severe Unexplained Activity. The golden light filled you with confidence and eagerness to be ready for action.

You rushed towards one of the elevators on the other side of the hall and asked to be brought to your own office as you wished to leave the suitcase there first. After just a moment you were there, opened the door and entered the room. It was dusty and the dead flowers on your desk looked quite depressing. The table was standing in the middle of the room, with drawers on both sides. There were two bookcases on the other side of the room, filled with works on different topics, majority being related to spells and charms, along with the defence against the Dark Magic. On the right were many file drawers that you would regularly go through, update and add new papers to it. All the furniture was made of wood, keeping its original colour. There was a painting of Yellowstone, a place you loved deeply, above the file drawers. You felt here at home, your own space in the enormous building that was MACUSA.

"Scourgify" you used a cleaning charm and settled your luggage by the left wall of the room, hanging your coat and hat above it on a hanger as well. Something was not right, you didn't believe that you could have left your office with so many papers laying around. Maybe you were in a hurry? After all it was a month ago and you could no longer recollect everything you've done before leaving.

You looked at the outcome of your spell and smiled to yourself. It was much better than before, now that everything was cleaned up. As you wanted to head to report you have realised that you still were wearing the travelling clothes, all dirty and mundane in order to mix with the crowd of No-Majs. With a wave of your wand you have transformed your clothes into more appropriate ones- a black tea length pleated skirt, with a cream shirt tucked in and black vest on top. The whole look was finished with an elegant and comfortable hair updo. You were ready to go, finally looking properly.

You knocked on the door to the Major Investigation department once you were there and awaited response.

"Enter!" Picquery ordered, and you did as she said. There were at least five people in the room, which was unexpected as it was supposed to be a private report. You raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything. You spotted Graves amongst the present wizards and smiled towards him but quickly turned your sight towards Madame Piquery, who was studying something on the table. Some of the men present were sitting beside the big wooden table, some were going through the drawers that were placed around the room. The warm light lifted your spirit and made the room feel almost cosy.

"Madame President, I report back from the mission across Georgia. I have brought the wizards as you have ordered, and they are awaiting the trial now."

"Good, (L/N). However, that is of no importance at the moment as we have far greater issues to discuss. Have you heard of Grindelwald?" Piquery turned towards you and leaned with her back towards the table, her fingers intertwined with each other and held right above the stomach. She looked at you impatiently as you seemed a bit confused.

"That he has been spotted in Europe? Yes, of course. I have worked on the reports myself, Before I left there seemed to be an expedition force being formed to send after him, correct?"

"Yes, however, you don't know the newest information as you were gone for so long. Our aurors have failed and few of them returned" she glanced for a moment to the side at Graves, who was leaning on one of the file cases, "and Grindelwald has disappeared. You will have the reports sent to your office immediately to catch up on this issue. We all must be aware of the danger that awaits when he shows up again. Meanwhile, we have more of a local issue to be dealt with." She sighed and gestured with a hand for you to come up to the table." One of our informants has brought us the news of a sign of a great force in New York. It is tormenting the city and the No-Majs. That combined with the New Salem movement can endanger the whole magical community. I want you and Graves to investigate on that, considering you work together best, and I need someone I can trust fully on this mission." She was showing you a few spots marked on New York's map as she was speaking. You leaned against the table, analysing the situation and everything that Madame President proceeded to update you on, along with new working schedule for you. You have asked a few questions about the details of the attacks and nodded as you were listening to the answers, contemplating the possible solutions and reasons as you had more and more information. The whole briefing couldn't take longer than half an hour.

"Now, (L/N), Graves, I want you to start working together as soon as possible. After that, (L/N), you may take the rest of the day off as I assume you may be tired after the journey. Work starts tomorrow." Only when she mentioned that you have finally felt that your body was giving up from the long way to New York. You nodded and said a quick "Yes, Madame President" and exited the room alongside Graves.

Once outside you looked at him warmly, his dark eyes catching yours for a second before both of you turned away. Somehow you were happy that you got an opportunity to work together again, you sometimes missed his presence and experience he could share, as well as his insights to the mission. His presence had a weird effect on you, as if his authority was washing over you as well, making you feel safe.

"So, coffee at the usual place while catching up?" you asked nonchalantly while you were walking towards the elevator together.

"Right." He answered after a long pause and you looked at him worryingly but his expression remained blank.

"Is something wrong? " You were met by a long silence again before he spoke. You asked the house elf to be brought to the cafeteria on the ground level as you entered the elevator, Graves letting you enter first.

"There is a lot on my mind." He stated simply. You understood completely, knowing that he was one of the survivors of the encounter with Grindelwald and had to face issues here as well while recovering. You couldn't help but notice that despite that he looked good and handsome as never. His jet-black hair being swept back, his clothes flawless and elegant. He caught you staring and smirked, making you blush slightly.

"Well, then we better make it quick."

A moment later you were on the ground level, still silent. You proceeded to go behind him as you could feel a new sense of authority and seriousness around him, much stronger than before, that has made you follow him. What he has experienced must have influenced him greatly. After going down the main stairs, you headed to the left, going through people quite fast. You exchanged a few nods and smiles with people that you knew before you came to golden steps that were leading to an office cafeteria, very light due to enormous windows on the right, letting the light in. There were not so many people there as the time for a lunch break at the offices was over. There were places by the bar and multiple white tables with golden legs scattered around the spacious chamber.

You sat by a small round table on the side of the cafeteria, second chair being across the table from yours, and Graves went to order the coffee. This was your usual meeting spot and you've been here so many times that you have memorised his favourite drink and he yours, so you didn't even bother to tell him. He came back with two cups of flat white.

"Didn't know what to get you I went for the classic." He smirked and watched you attentively while you took your drink and sipped on it.

This was not your usual. He has never forgotten what your drink was before. Maybe the stress and the amount of work made it disappear from his head? Anyway, the coffee still made you a bit more alive and now you could talk about the strategy with him.

"What course of actions shall we take? We have to watch out for this... energy that can appear anywhere and anytime in the city while watching out for Grindelwald." You leaned forward and stared at him, changing your attitude to a professional one.

"I would not... rush things. Wait until we know something more." He replied in a deep and soothing voice. It sent shivers down your spine. You loved that voice, it was full of power and authority, fitting him so much. You missed it. You missed him.

"But we might know what it is. Don't you remember our first mission together? It began similarly to this as well."

"In Canada? Yes, I do recollect that. Obscurial. We have to make sure it is truly one as any mistake can cost us dearly. I propose we work on the details while waiting for the next course of actions, cover up any of its activities." He leaned back and pressed a finger to his lips, deep in thought. His response surprised you.

"Wait? The last time we have done that people have died. I agree with working on the details, but we can't simply wait for something worse to happen. And there is a question of Grindelwald. I will catch up on everything later but what do you remember? Anything of use?"

"I think you have misunderstood me. This is our plan until we find out more about the situation." He said with force while leaning forward and took a sip of coffee, speaking a moment later." No, I do not remember much of Grindelwald's attack. If I did, we might have already caught him." You knew there was something he was not telling you, you just had no idea what it would be. Some kind of fifth sense was telling you that there was more to the story than that. Maybe you were just tired. That was definitely it, you needed a rest after a month-long mission in the country.

You chatted a bit more, splitting the work between you, and said your goodbyes, as always him kissing the top of your hand in a courteous act which only the two of you shared. The tiredness has gotten to you, you were ready to finally head home, but before that you just jumped quickly to get your things from the office and pack some of the reports to read later as well.

The next few days have been quite peaceful, but you started noticing some small odd behaviours of Percival that were different than what you have remembered. His favourite coffee has changed, the way he responded to you was a bit different, more reserved. He was forgetting some details from the past, some details that you would normally joke about. He seemed to you like a different but same person. Oddly enough, only you seemed to see that.

You have noticed some blank spots in the report from Europe as you were reading them over and over again. There was no material on what happened between the attack itself and gathering to head back to the US. Well, there was something, but it was so little that it made you question what has happened in that period of a few hours. When you asked Percival about it he just said that he doesn't know either as he woke up only then in the infirmary, being hurt after the attack. This just added to your worries about the obscurial and Graves. You had to talk about all this with someone.

One day you finally spotted Queenie in her pink and dark blue dress at MACUSA, carrying a tray with coffee towards the offices. She was going in the opposite direction as you but she has noticed you and waved with a smile on her face, coming to you quickly. You hugged tightly, as much as the tray in her hand has allowed her to, happy to see each other.

"Queenie, can we talk for a second?" The sudden seriousness on your face has baffled her.

"Sure! I just have to... Oh, coffee can wait!" She waved her hand and dragged you to a quieter place, underneath the wide main stairs.

"What happened? You look so serious all of the sudden..." Queenie observed you with worry written over her face. You looked around nervously, knowing what you are about to say was no easy thing, and definitely sounding mad for someone else.

"Queenie, I need your help. There is something wrong about Mr Graves, he is not acting himself lately." You whispered.

"Oh, but that is understandable! Facing Grindelwald must have been shocking for him."

"Yes, I know, but it's Percival we're talking about. He is the best wizard I have ever met. Even meeting someone like Grindelwald would not make him forget about most of the small things. I am not making it up. You know how close we are, how close we used to be..." You paused for a moment, all the memories and feelings flashing back at you. Queenie put a hand on your shoulder and squeezed it delicately in a friendly manner.

"It must be hard for you. Working so close to him again while you're in lo- "you gave her a death glare before she could finish the sentence. She stopped talking immediately and took her hand away.

"You were reading my mind again." A sigh escaped your lips as you were massaging the bridge of your nose before looking up at her again." At least you know what I mean now?" the woman nodded." Can you do something for me? Can you read his mind quickly? I need to know."

"Oh, honey. That's been impossible for years. He never lets me do it, there is a barrier around him. I wish I could help you." She looked at you apologetically. You bit your lip, thinking what to do now and nervously pacing around while doing so, the sound of your heels echoing in the nearby space.

"Then I have to ask him myself. I am going to him right after lunch, I will let you know afterwards what has become of it. Thank you anyway, Queenie." You placed a light kiss on her cheek as a goodbye and she smiled to you, walking away. You crossed your arms on your chest and leaned against the wall, deep in thought. What if you were wrong? What if you were just imagining things and everything was, in fact, alright? You have read the medical reports and it was normal for most of the affected wizards to be in such shock they could not remember certain things. But how could Percival not remember the years of your friendship that well? You felt a small aching in your heart but brushed it off as fast as it appeared.

No. You could not be wrong about this. Even if your mind told you your assumptions are insane, your gut and heart were telling you otherwise.

You took a deep breath and braced yourself for the confrontation as you headed towards Percival's office.
You won't fool me (Percival Graves x Reader)Part 1
My newest fan fiction! This one is going to be long so brace yourselves. There is not much about Graves I've seen so I wanted to contribute to the fan content about him, having a story in mind :) Enjoy it!

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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The battlefield was a chaos, blood was sputtering everywhere and you did not know what was happening in any other place than where you were at the moment. Adrenaline was going through your veins, you were finally in the battlefield alongside the company, fighting for your king, who has become more than that over time of the journey. His bead was swinging in your hair at every more rapid movement. Your plans were to get married after the battle is over.

However, it seemed far from it. The orcs appeared to have infinite amount of soldiers that were pushing more and more into you so that you could barely keep up with dodging and reflecting their weapons. You were standing on the corpses that lied on the ground so thickly you did not know anymore who they were. Screaming and sounds of battle filled your head, making it impossible to think. The only thing you could do is trust your instincts and fight, fight like there is no tomorrow, kill all the orcs you could and protect your friends. At all cost.

Suddenly your stomach tied in a not, you had a really bad feeling about something. You looked up towards where Thorin was heading- the top of the hill, to kill the command of the orcs. You shook your head and came back to reality, almost getting cut by a blade if it wasn't for Bofur, who defended you while you had stopped for a moment.

"You okay, lass?" He asked mid-fight. You were both panting, the fight was incredibly exhausting and demanding but the adrenaline going through your veins kept you going, kept you alive. Yours and Bofur's back were now touching, allowing you to  worry only about the enemies on your one side. An orc approaching you soon enough met your blade, which has made its stop in his head. Kicking the corpse, you tore your weapon from it and fought further, protecting the dwarf's back and he- yours.

"I have a really bad feeling!" you screamed while slaying another enemy. "I need to make sure Thorin's okay."

Just as you said that, you have heard you beloved screaming Kili's name repeatedly. Oh no. No, no, no, no...

"Bofur, they might be in trouble. I have to get there!" You made sure that Bofur will be able to fight by himself for a while and you took off as fast as you could, sliding underneath and beside the enemies instead of killing them. Your worry grew stronger and stronger while you were approaching the command hill of the orcs. Especially that Thorin has just gotten out of the Dragon Sickness, you were concerned about him being able to use the most of his skills in a battle.

The line of Durin had to survive.

While running you had the craziest idea that you intended to bring to life. The moment you have seen a mounted orc, you charged at him and jumped on his warg. After a moment of scrambling and not being able to use your weapon, you took out a dagger from your shoe and stuck it handle deep in orc's chest, letting him slide off the animal.

Now you had a warg. How the hell you were to control him, you had no idea. Just assuming the general direction would be good. Fortunately for you, it listened, at least for so long that you had almost reached the hill. At that moment, it decided that it's the best time to attack you. It had stopped so suddenly that you feel your head forward. You lost your sword on the way, protecting your head while tumbling a couple of meters forward. Before you could get up and get over the slight dizziness, the beast was charging you and closing the couple of meters between you in seconds. Fortunately for you, one of Dain's dwarves has seen that and charged the best himself, killing it with a great hammer on spot.

You needed a couple of seconds to get yourself together. Your sword was lying too far from you to reach it, there were already people fighting right by it. You had no weapon left but you didn't care as you have reached your goal- the hill. Not exactly the tunnels, but the rough surface of it would do perfectly for climbing, moreover, you would not have to fight while climbing.

In the middle of the climb, you stepped on a lose stone, which immediately fell down and your foot right with it. the whole body weight was now relying on your hands, already tired from the battle and the climb. You bit your lip and put as much energy as you could in lifting yourself up and searching for another place for your feet and soon enough you have found it. You didn't have much time left and the knot in your stomach was tighter and tighter.

When you finally were up, you saw Dwalin fighting of some orcs. Alone.

"(Y/N)! How did you get here?" he looked surprised but he couldn't allow himself to be distracted for longer than a second.

"Where is Thorin?" You asked impatiently while dodging an orc and tripping him up, hearing his scream while he was falling.

"There" Dwalin has blocked a blade, holding his own in two hands and has shown you with a nod the direction where the king went before pushing the creature off of him. You immediately sprinted in the direction he has shown you, hoicking up a dagger that was stuck in a corpse on the way and hid it in your shoe. You ran up the stairs in a break between goblins.

And then you saw him. Thorin was okay and Azog nowhere to be seen. A sigh of relief has escaped your lips, your love was okay. But then you have seen something that you did not expect.

Thorin stopped, screaming in pain and falling on one knee. You were so shocked you froze in one place, unable to move. And then you saw him. Azog. He appeared from underneath the ice, with his weapon drawn. Your legs have carried you by themselves, you had merely seconds to reach them. You ran fast like you never did before, with a funnily small dagger in your hand. On your eyes, Thorin fell to the ground and was desperately trying to block Azog's blows, you could see the dwarf getting weaker and weaker every time. He was blocking the weapon aimed at his heart, both hands on the blade, which was already dangerously close to his chest. He was too weak, you knew that, but you were so close, only four meters were left between you and them. Distraction, that's what you needed.

"Hey, you ugly piece of trash!" You screamed on top of our lungs, drawing the attention to yourself. The two looked up at you, Azog stopping to push onto Thorin exactly at the moment you jumped at him, using your body mass and speed to catch him by the waist and knock him down. All three of you were on the ground now, with you and Azog being enclosed in a tight rough-and-tumble, going further away from the king. The further the better.

Your plan was great, you saved Thorin for now and Azog was away from him. Great plan, really. Well, except for one fact. You did not expect Azog to have blade for a hand. Not just any blade- one with two tips. For now he couldn't reach you with it, being so close together you could smell him and, oh boy, that wasn't a nice experience.

Your tumbling finally stopped so now the unplanned part was to come. You were face to face with a beast that vowed to wipe out the line of Durin, the one who has almost killed Thorin. A newly found rage grew inside you, you had a chance to end this miserable life that has brought so many dangers upon you. And Azog... smiled at you? What was happening.

"So you are his pet" he spit out the words, while you were still holding him close to you to unable him to move the hand. Not for long though, as he was much stronger than you. The only chance that you saw for yourself was to be faster than him. You tried to stand up as fast as possible, being on top of him, but his strong hand has stopped you by grabbing your waist.

"Let me play a bit more. Make him suffer..." he whispered in your ear. Oh, no. This was not what you have thought about. But, successful heroic rescues happened only in adventure books, where the bad guys die and the good ones always survive, right?

This was real. He stood up and held you by your hair, lifting you up, you screaming in pain as he did so. You had to think quick. You still had the dagger hidden in the boot, and you were at arm length from him.

"He's going to watch you die. After breaking him fully, he will beg me to kill him" Azog whispered to you again, pointing forward.

It was Thorin, standing in front of you, just a couple of meters away, fright in his eyes but slowly moving forward, leaving a bloody mark behind him.

"Leave her alone!" The king demanded imperiously.

"Stop!" You screamed and looked at you beloved." Please, don't try anything stupid. And trust me. I know what I'm doing." you asked in a cooing tone, looking at Thorin pleadingly. The truth was, you had no idea what you were doing, you had no idea about the outcome except for one thing- you will not let him die.

Not today.

"Say goodbye" Azog whispered while taking a swing to pierce through you. At the very same time you took the dagger out and cut swiftly through your hair, falling on the ground. Before the orc realised it, you were back on your feet, with a dagger in your hand. He threw the hair that was left in his hand on the ground with fury, . And charged at you. Now you just had to improvise and not let Azog get close to Thorin. Seemed doable. You had to get rid of his weapon somehow. You looked at the ice underneath you and you came up with an idea immediately. You ran, far away from Thorin, insulting Azog however you could to make him leave the dwarf alone and focus his attention only on you. You had the luck of being faster than the orc. You stopped once you decided that the distance was long enough and turned around. There were only a few seconds available to prepare yourself to fight.

At that moment you saw Bilbo running out on the ice, looking around and spotting Thorin close by, Dwalin coming out right after him. You sighed in relief but the view has caused you a distraction that you, under no circumstances, could allow yourself. And there was a good reason for it as you were a millisecond too late while dodging Azog's charge and his sword has cut through your left arm. You hissed but stood your ground, face to face with the monster.

"You really thought you could defeat me? You?!!!" he hissed and grabbed you again, on which you answered with a sting in his hand. He screamed and let you go.

"Dwalin, take Thorin out of here! The line of Durin has to survive!" you used the moment you scream instructions to the dwarf. "No matter what cost" followed your whisper and you answered Azog with an attack while letting out a war cry. He was taking a swing to pierce you but you managed to slide in between his legs to the other side, while cutting up. He fell to his knees while you followed to sting your dagger deep inside his back, holding onto it while he stood up again. That's a position you never thought you would find yourself in. He tried to reach you with his weapon but he failed, you were too close to him. Thus, he grabbed you with his healthy and and tried to drag you forward but you were holding the dagger very tight, so tight that when he finally managed to pull you, the dagger was moved with you, cutting through Azog's back.

"You little..." he sounded surprised, so surprised he let you go. Then you proceeded to use this moment of surprise and sinked your blade in his throat, it being the softest spot that could be used to kill.

He looked even more surprised while you were panting heavily, both of you subsiding to the ground. You pulled the dagger out and let the flood of blood run down from the neck of your enemy while he remained on his knees.

It was... over?

You stood up shakily and looked absentmindedly towards the dwarves and a hobbit, your back towards the corpse. More of the company came, some of them running towards you. Thorin was almost beside you, he was alive, hurt, but alive! You were happy and relief filled your heart. Everything was going to be okay now. Both of you were safe, Azog bled to death behind you. You won. You opened your arms to embrace your love, your fingers already touching.

Suddenly you felt a movement through your lower back to your chest. You looked down.

There was a tip of the blade sticking out of you. Azog's double blade. You looked behind you to see the orc smiling victoriously, taking one last breath before falling down, lifeless.

"No... NOOOOOOO!!!" The king screamed in agony as he realised what has happened. You still needed time to process that, falling to your knees and looking at the blade sticking out of you with surprise. Thorin embraced you, putting hands behind your head and holding you close to him. Your head rested on his shoulder, buried in hair smelling like metal, dirt , blood and sweat. Like home. You heard a sob. Was he crying? You could feel his hands moving from your head to your back, realising what he was about to do. You hugged him as tight as you could without pressing the blade to his chest or even moving it.

"Don't. After taking it out I will bleed to death in just a few moments." you whispered softly. You were a medic. You would die anyway, the blade has pierced near your spine and  through the stomach, you supposed. These few moments was everything you had and you wanted them to last as long as possible.

"Amralime... I'm so so sorry... It's all my fault" Thorin whispered while brushing your hair gently. You pulled away and looked at him lovingly.

"Don't be. It was my choice." you chuckled and a bit of blood came out of your mouth" I just... I never thought about how it is to die, you know? I guess there is no more time for it, now that it's so close." sighting, you saw that the dwarves were gathering around you now. You looked around to see faces of your friends, who became so important to you over the past couple of month. Then you looked back to Thorin, him putting a hand on your face.

"(Y/N), I..." he started, not knowing what to say exactly. You caressed his cheek.

"Listen. This is not your fault. You need to be strong for your people, don't let this... get to you" your hand dropped and came to your wound. It was finally beginning to hurt, and it was hell."If you do... oh by the love of Durin!" you proceeded to then scream in agony and began to breathe faster, not helping the blood loss or the pierced organs. You saw the worried look on Thorin's face and you gathered all your strength to finish your sentence. "... you will let him win."

Tears were streaming down Thorin's face as he was staring at you. You smiled faintly and pulled him for the last his, both of you tasting like blood.

"Take it... out... please." You then begged. The pain was too much to handle and you were done, so done. You didn't want to suffer anymore. Thorin, however, ignored that so with a heartache Balin stepped in.

" Don't..." asked the king weakly but the older dwarf just gave him a pitying look and removed the blade from you. You screamed, the pain was even greater now. You could feel Thorin sliding towards you, letting you rest on him in your last moments, so close as you will never again be. You could feel life escaping from you along with the blood.

"I love you. Always..." you said faintly while reaching his face torn by sadness.

That was the last thing you saw.

Narrator's POV

"I love you too, amralime" Thorin whispered, taking her hand delicately and kissing it. Seeing that (Y/N) no longer responded, he hugged her closely and sobbed while rocking her body back and forth. All the dwarves gathered round were heartbroken, seeing their king in this state and their friend dead.

Thorin then screamed in pain, a noise of a wounded animal got out of him and echoed in the mountains. His sadness became fury, his pain- strength. He lied the girl on the ground carefully and proceeded to charge through the others to let his anger out on Azog's body. However, before he could do that, Dwalin's strong hand stopped him.

"You're wounded" he said calmly to his friend referring to his foot. But Thorin didn't care and shrugged the hand off him, deciding to kick Azog only with his healthy foot.

"Thorin... I know this might not be the right time, but..." Bilbo started and earned a furious look from the king that made him take a step back."... I'm glad you're alive."

"We all are." added Balin. "And we all are in pain because of loss of (Y/N). Thanks to her you're alive."

"But she payed with her life for this." Thorin murmured numbly and dropped to his knees, looking at your lifeless body. "Give me a sword." no one moved as though they didn't understand what he said. "Give me a sword!!!" the king demanded, shouting, and the closest to him handed a dwarven weapon. Thorin put it in (Y/N)'s hands, then moved them so that they would be resting on her chest.

The position of the fallen warrior.

Washed in the king's tears.
Not today (Thorin x Reader)
Another one of my stories from the Wattpad book I'm currently writing. I enjoyed writing this soooo much, I hope you will enjoy reading it as well!
The Battle of Five Armies was over but your leader was nowhere to be found. You fought on the elven side, being an elven noble yourself you felt the duty of accompanying your king and serve him in the most suitable way. The help you could offer was not big, but a dozen of your best archers and you with a sword managed to help in more than just a few situations. You were the one who ran up to aid Thranduil when he was alone, surrounded by orcs inside the ruins. However, after that moment you have lost the sight of him but realized it only after a while as you were too focused on the fighting.

When you finally reunited after the battle, he seemed even colder than he was before. It was his façade in front of everyone, the King with looks of gold and heart of stone. But he was your friend and you knew that deep inside he was different. Deep inside he cared, just not about everything and you had to know how to see through his mask. His anger would sometimes just be the sign of sadness and despair, his coldness- uncertainty. Over years you have learnt to recognize which is which and when he needed understanding the most. For a matter of fact, he tended to be more impulsive and unable to control his anger at times but sometimes you could catch him being extremely delicate and caring towards his mount.

But he lost him.

And there was no sign of Legolas either. This was not good.

The king was not in the mood at all, he just nodded at you, acknowledging your presence, before ordering the army to march back home. You did not like what was happening, it worried you. Not only did Thranduil not get what he wanted, he lost his beloved animal and Legolas as far as you could tell. What was to come frightened you.

You got on your horse and hurried it through the ruins to see if you have not forgotten about any wounded that could still be transported without any risk of worsening their conditions. Fortunately, everything was taken care of.

You braced your horse and galloped to the front to join the king, as always. You slowed down beside him until finally your horse kept a steady and slower pace.

"Where were you?" You heard king's emotionless voice.

"Checking up on the wounded, if everyone that could have been carried was taken, my lord." You bowed your head, not looking at him. Despite you being friends you have always kept the formality in public.

"From now you stay here beside me, until I tell you to leave" he announced with the same voice as before. You had to stop yourself from scoffing in disbelief and disregard. You knew something has happened that has affected him deeply and thus decided to play along.

"Yes, my Lord."

You did not speak a word the whole way to Mirkwood, and even after you have reached it Thranduil ordered no one to interrupt him and went straight to his quarters.

You were taking a relaxing hot bath after all the horrors of the battle, the water washing away the sweat and blood. Washing away all the worries and bad thoughts, leaving comfort and emptiness inside your mind. You must have been there for hours now, ordering the food to be brought to the baths as well so that you could have some comfort alone, away from everyone. You were enjoying the moment, with your eyes closed and your finger making circles in the water. Suddenly you heard someone entering so you looked up, a bit annoyed that you have been interrupted.

"M'lady" the elf said with a small bow.

"Yes, Sílon? Did something happen?" you asked curiously.

"I know it's very late but I come in the name of the king. He... he requested you see him as soon as possible." He seemed a bit nervous. "He wasn't in a good condition when I left"

"Of course, I will get myself ready immediately." You didn't hesitate for a second. "Could you please pass me my robe? It's right there in the corner." Sílon did what you asked for and held it out for you so that you could put your arms in the sleeves comfortably.

"Take care of him. Please" The elf asked you while he was holding the fabric. You looked back at him and you could see fear in his eyes. Something was wrong. Sílon was never scared when it came to Thranduil, even in the moments of his worst anger.

"Of course." You whispered and while the elf waited for you outside you quickly dried your skin and changed in a simple (favourite colour) nightgown. It was so much more comfortable than the battle suit that you've had before.

You ran out of the baths just 2 minutes after Sílan came to you, your wet hair leaving stains on the fabric. You didn't stop, you headed straight to the corridor leading towards the king's chambers. Soon enough you were in front of the doors, two guards were standing on each side.

"You're here, good. Maybe you can..." the guard was interrupted by a sound of breaking from behind the door. What he had left to say was of no importance to you as you could feel the weight growing inside your chest. Without a word you pushed the heavy door and entered the quarters with determination written on your face. With careful steps you have entered the chambers.

Your foot met an object on the ground that has bowled further away. A bottle.

And another one a bit further.

And another one.

Some of them were lying around the chambers, you bent down and picked up the nearest and smelled it. Alcohol.

"Oh no..." you whispered. You quickly stood up and looked around the chamber in search for the elven king. Before you could call him, you have noticed a tall figure stumbling dangerously on the big balcony. You ran towards him and held his arms tightly, exactly at the moment when he got close to the edge, too close to your liking.

At a sudden touch, Thranduil has dropped a bottle that was in his hand, still almost completely full.

"Thranduil, don't" you scolded him like a small child, with very soft voice.

"(Y/N)... I..." He whispered and brought his palm to his head, two fingers right above the eyebrows. "Good, you're here"

You put his arm around your shoulder and slowly led him towards the bed in the middle of the chamber. It was no easy task as the king was much taller than you and his weight combined with the stumbling made it almost impossible. Finally, he just dropped on the ground, his back against the bad and sat like that, trying to focus on you.

What has happened? The king wasn't like that, this was the first time you have seen him in such state. He didn't look like a king, he looked like a broken man, the pain in his eyes was almost too much for you to take. You sat in front of him and waited, not knowing what to say.

"I have lost... everything." He whispered resigned and looked away. His speech was just a bit slurred, opposite to what you expected.

"I'm sorry"

"Legolas... left. I-I have... nothing." You saw a single tear going down his cheek. You felt pain burning inside your chest at these words. You wanted to do something but had no idea what was appropriate. You just put your hand on his and brushed it with your finger, at which he shrugged but didn't pull away.

"Everything they said...'s..."

"... Not true. Trust me. I've been with you when they were saying that, and I know it is not true. And Legolas... I don't know what has happened but I'm sure that it will turn out to be the right decision and..." you couldn't finish when suddenly Thranduil stood up abruptly and held your shoulders, staring at you with fire in his eyes.

"I have banished him, I! My own SON!I AM THE MONSTER!" He screamed at you and then his head fell on your shoulder. You were unsure of what to do as he was your king but decided to forget all the titles and just be there for him. You put your arms around him and hugged him tightly, brushing his hair in a calming manner. He was melting down in your arms, you could feel it. Soon enough the two of you were sitting at the edge of the bed, his head still resting on your shoulder.

"He was everything I had... All the connection that's left to..." you knew he wanted to say his deceased wife's name and suddenly, not knowing why, this one unspoken word hurt you. But he's been hurt even more. He needed a shoulder to lean on and at that moment it was you.

"Hey, now. You didn't lose him forever. He's going to come back one day, more experienced than he'd ever be. And you are not a monster. You've been hurt so much you've built a wall to hit first before anyone. But I know you, I know you can be kind and warm, caring."

The silence remained for a while after your words until the king finally pulled away.

"Thank you, (Y/N). It's been centuries since someone held me like you did. My past has tasted bitter for years now, despite all the riches. But the future scares me even more than the past does. You are truly the only one who hasn't pulled away yet, who has stood by my side through all the madness." He whispered and suddenly his eyes became crystal clear. These beautiful blue eyes, staring at you. Your heart started racing, even more when he placed his head on your cheek and started pulling closer. You couldn't move, taken aback by this bold movement.

He slowly leaned closer to you, pulling you towards him as well until your lips touched. He smelled and tasted of alcohol but you didn't care. He grabbed your waist and pulled you close to him, tracing your side with a hand. Suddenly your body felt the fire of passion that filled every inch of it, the forbidden fruit that was now in your hand. He was kissing you, hard and desperately, passionately. You returned the kiss after a few seconds of a pure shock, wanting it, realizing that you've wanted it for a long while now. You admired him, he was so strong, mysterious and noble. Your king.

Your king.

This thought entered your mind and you immediately broke the kiss, your face was all red. The elves only had one partner for life, even if they were dead. Spending anight with each other was like sealing a marriage.

"Thranduil... this is not right. No, no, no, we can't do that." He looked at you surprised by your reaction and a little angered by it.

"I'm the king."

"That does not matter. We can't. You were married."

"I want it. And I know you want it, too" with a swift move he pulled you on his lap and pushed you to a kiss again, trying to take what he wanted, but you just rested your chin on the top of his head.

"Thranduil. Don't. You're drunk, I don't know if you'd really want to do it if you were your normal self. We will talk about it in the morning if you'd like but now I need to ask you to rest." He couldn't feel the tears going down your cheeks. It could never happen. Not in your wildest dreams. And it hurt even more, now that you knew that it was possible, and he maybe wanted it as well. However, there was no way it was ever to happen, not in this word.

"Please. You're everything I have left." He started crying. The king was crying. Did you do that?

A permanent grief was dangerous for elves as it was one of the only ways they could die. You knew that and seeing him in this state, worse than ever before, made you gulp.

"I'll stay here with you until the morning. Then we will talk once you get sober." You said warmly and kissed his forehead, standing up. He agreed and lied down on his bed, ready to rest as finally letting all his emotions go, after all these years of keeping them hidden, has tired him greatly. You stayed by his side, sitting on the side on the bed and looking at him, so peaceful after being so vulnerable. Soon the tiredness got to you as well and you started to drift off to sleep.

The next morning Thranduil woke up earlier than you with a killer headache, trying to remember all that has happened the previous night. He looked around his chamber and his eyes stopped on you, sleeping half-laying, with your head and arms resting on the bed and legs on the ground. He suddenly remembered everything that has happened, everything he has said. He felt warmth inside when he remembered the way you held him close and comforted him, a feeling that he hasn't experienced in such a long time he forgot how it was. However, then he remembered your last words and his heart ached. He knew he needed you, especially now after losing everything he cared about. Everything but you. He has made his decision, now you had to make yours.

He smiled lightly and brushed a strand of your hair away from your face. You moaned half-asleep at the touch and smiled as well. Then you opened your eyes and when you saw Thranduil looking at you gently and warmly you sprang right up.

"What, wait... what?" You asked confused at this, but he looked surprised as well. He shook his head and let out a small chuckle.

"Come here." He spoke softly, this time his imperious aura was back, so there was no disagreement. You slowly nodded and sat on the bed in an insecure manner, right on the edge of it but one look from the king made you sit a bit more comfortable.

"I have made my decision; the future depends on yours. I value you greatly and what I thought I would never again be able to experience, you have given me. Your friendship is invaluable to me and I would never wish to lose it. However, if it were your wish like it is mine, I want you to be called mine."

You took a deep breath. You were already getting ready to go on with the fact that it's impossible or that the whole previous night was just his drunken mistake but here you go. You were still sleepy, so it took you a bit longer to answer the question but as you were about to do it, one concern came to your mind.

"Do not worry, I know I can't remarry. However, the law doesn't say anything about the unofficial relationships after a spouse is deceased. You would just not hold a title of the queen, but you will be the queen for me and can expect to be treated as such." He smiled and brushed your cheek. You smiled. You wanted nothing more than that. You could feel tears of happiness and a weight lifting off your heart. You took his hand away from your face and kissed the inside of it.

"I would be honoured."
Vulnerable (Thranduil x Reader)
I'm back after a long break :) This time with another fan fiction based off of the Hobbit, hope you guys like it! It's from my Wattpad book, so if you want to read more of my stories, here is the link :…


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