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Tomb Raider - Lara Croft plushie

Yay, I've been wanting to do a Lara plushie for a while now! I haven't played the reboot yet, but I dearly love the PS2-3 trilogy. I'll have to give it a shot. (Can we please make her cleaner next time? Do you know how nerve-wrecking it is to dirty-up a finished plushie? Ack!)

12" tall, fleece and knit and suedecloth and lord knows what else. Her weapons were made out of craft foam. Face and details were done with fabric paint (the "mud" was done in a similar way to my beard tutorial, I just used my finger to smudge it more.)
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I love this plushie :)
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how much would this be?
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She is so cute >u<)
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Is she for sale?
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Nope, she has a home already.  Sorry!
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Bulk it. Bulk it! I am currently broke but I would certainly find a way to pay for one, if available.
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I'm not taking any commissions right now, but hopefully I can soon!
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Would you be willing to sell this? ._. You have no idea how much i would pay for one of these. Please, you dont understand how much of a tomb raider fan i have been my entire life.
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This particular one has a home already, but I may be willing to make more once I start taking new commissions.  I need to get caught up on current stuff first. :)
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Thank you! ^_^ <3
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Your avatar is adorable! :D
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Haha, thanks, not as adorable as yours though. :P
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Nothing is more adorable than David Tennant's hair.  (Except maybe my daughter, but I'm biased.) ;P
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Gimme gimme gimme!!
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Gotta love a lady who's not afraid to get dirty.  :D
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He he, there is even smudges on her face. :love:
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Haha, yeah I had to work up the nerve to do that to her.
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I really love how much detail you put into these.  She came out amazing!
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Thank you!  All the little accessories were fun, she wouldn't be the same without them.
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