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DA:O Alistair Plushie

By eitanya
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"Yes...swooping is bad."

I admit, I squealed a little when I finished this one. XD

Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins, wearing the Warden Commander armor. I had a rough time trying to figure out the coloring on the armor. I'm not entirely sure it's black but the Dragonbone version looks really dark, so there it is.

12" tall, all fleece with some aluminum chain maille. Face and gold accents were hand painted with fabric paint.

EDIT: Swapped the pictures out with a newer, bigger, more awesome version. :D

Please note: This particular plushie is RETIRED. Sorry, no commissions.

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í love how you put the armor together, its awesome that someone takes the time to make prober armors for these dolls ^^
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Do you think you can put up tutorials on how to make these DA characters?? I would worship you forever and ever :fingerscrossed:
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Unfortunately it takes a lot of time to put a tutorial together for something that complicated, and time is in short supply around here. I am hoping to start putting a few simple tutorials together soon, but I don't know that I'll do ones for complete plushies. We'll see. :)
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It's really too bad you've retired your Alistair plush... I'd love to have one. :love: SO CUTE!!!
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I always hate retiring plushies, but it's nice to move on to new stuff.
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Oh, yes. It's true.
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is there ANY way i can convince you to unretire him and make me one? i LOVE this plushie and honestly feel incomplete without it. seriously name your price
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Hmm. I could probably be persuaded to do another one. It's been a while and I think I could improve a few things on him. :D
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I havent been on this site in so long but i am still in love with this mister. would you be able to make him for me? i never really got back to you the first time i asked :/
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I'm sorry, I'm not making Alistair anymore. I'm actually so backed up I'm not taking any orders at all right now. Apologies!
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EEP! that sounds heaps great... i thought i might give the whole plushie thing a go but craft was not in my genes :(
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AAAHh i love it! i;ve been looking for one of these for ages.
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They really should have made an official one. I don't think they realized the amount of awesome they were releasing on the world when they created Alistair. :)
JokerLovesBatman's avatar
your right there, they made every female fans perfect man.. love how you included the rose :D

they where asking absolutely for it when they made a charming virgin knight with a rose which he uses to compair your beauty to.
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That is fantastically adorable.
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Awesome, I love the detailing...especially the rose :D
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Thanks! My husband gave me a hard time because I gave him a rose and not a sword, haha. "But it's important!" :love:
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With the rose xDDD OMG how cute <33
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That's adorable! Nice job on the armor. :)
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Dooooes $75 USD cover shipping to the UK and stuff?
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It covers US shipping, UK is $5 extra. :)
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This is so good! All of your plushies are! I definitely want one or more! :D
I'm gonna have to commission for my character and Alistair you one of these days.
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