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By eisu
I actually don't really have anything to say, I'm just updating my journal so that the commission journal gets off the front page of my deviantart (since I'm not doing commissions right now)

Uhhh... yeah, go read my comics!!

No Pink Ponies -
Sandra on the Rocks -
Marry Me -
Rumble Fall -
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I didn't realise you were involved in so many webcomics ;)
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I'm like... always begging for commissions.  Wish I had your problem. :P
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Naw, to be fair, I only got like... what? I posted like 4 commission pieces? yeah, that was all I got from when I opened the commissions ^o^ Now my day job is taking a lot of my time that I can't do commissions anymore (even though I haven't done one in a long time cos, well, not a lot of people would commission me) but just in case, I wrote a new journal before people think I'm open for commissions. Though, truth be told, I don't think it'll make much of a difference. Like I said, I hardly get commissions even when I open it up.
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Ahh.  I see. :(

Well, people should commission you, since you definitely deserve the attention!  But being busy is being busy, and you don't want to stress yourself. D:
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Yeap, stressing myself with other stuff currently, so no need to add it on, ha ha ha ha ^o^