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I just opened a new Teepublic storefront and for the next 72 hours, ALL my designs are just $14! Get it now before the discount ends!

My T-Shirt designs:………
I actually don't really have anything to say, I'm just updating my journal so that the commission journal gets off the front page of my deviantart (since I'm not doing commissions right now)

Uhhh... yeah, go read my comics!!

No Pink Ponies -
Sandra on the Rocks -
Marry Me -
Rumble Fall -

I’m opening up end of the year commissions! Basically I figure I have some free time now to actually make some commissions (and not quick roughs commissions like I used to do) so I’m opening up 10 slots for this one.

If you want me to draw ANYTHING for you, just send me a PM or e-mail me at with what you want me to draw and which type of commissions you want from me. 

All digital commissions will also be give to you in hi-res so you can print em out and hang em in your room if you want or do whatever you want with it, it’s your commission. The Colour marker commissions will be sent to your house, so if you want that, be prepared to give me an address as well.

All commissions are for ONE character only. The Extra Characters +$10 applies to all commission type. And they will all be A4 (21cm x 29.7cm) sized.

No explicit nudity, I can draw the characters nude if you want but I will hide the precious parts.

Thank you and please, help spread the word that I’m opening commissions right now.

I will be at Comic Fiesta 2013 in KLCC on the 21st and 22nd of December and I will be at the Yon Gumi booth selling these stuff of mine. :iconaimo:, :iconmohammadyazid: and :iconhaniemohd: will also be there selling their own products too. See you there!

I will be at Animangaki this weekend in Sunway Pyramid, August 24th and 25th! My booth number is H3. See you there!!

We now have listed the stretch goals for the No Pink Ponies vol.2 Kickstarter for the rest of the funds we'll receive throughout the month so go ahead and check it out, back it up or spread the word! Appreciate any support you can give.

In other news, check out this new Kickstarter campaign that went up, it looks really good:

I'm not involved in it but it doesn't hurt to help a fellow artist out.

The No Pink Ponies vol.2 Kickstarter is online! Check it out! Back it up! Thousand thank you to those who do ^_^

Click… to go to the Kickstarter page.
We're doing a Marry Me Kickstarter campaign for the Marry Me vol.2 book which will feature the big celebrity wedding of Guy and Stasia. Check the Kickstarter out and back it up if you wanna see vol.2 in book form. And help spread the word. Thank you ^^

The Kickstarter campaign:…

Marry Me online comic:

Tumblr post link:…

Facebook post link:…

Twitter post:…
I've been re-uploading old comics I made recently... you can find the links on my tumblr:
Comic Fiesta 2012 is over and I still have stuff left so I'm putting em up for sale ONLINE! You can get them over at my Etsy shop:

(Click to enter the shop)

I've put up my prints and badges for sale:

These are also available internationally!!
I'll be at Comic Fiesta 2012 this weekend, December 22nd and 23rd at the Yon Gumi booth. I will be selling some badges and possibly a sketchbook (as in a book of sketches not a blank book for sketches) so if you're coming by CF 2012, drop on over the booth. Here's a sample of the badges I'm selling at CF 2012:

Edit: Additional products for sale at Comic Fiesta 2012:

A4 prints of the Skullgirls and Gravity Falls artwork (very limited print)

and a sketchbook detailing my history online

See ya there.
The past year or so, I've been working with several friends on this animated short called The Legendary Awang Khenit. We're hoping that this short will lead to a TV series and all that. Today, our submission to TBS Digicon6 award have got us shortlisted to the 10 best in the Malaysian side (the winner will have their animation sent to Japan for the big Digicon6 awards). In this link, you will see the animation I did:…

It's the second video in the page. Please vote for it. Thank you ^^
I'm in need of money right now and can't beat around the bush about it anymore so I'm offering to do digital sketch commission for $10 each. Just PM or e-mail me at if you wanna commission me ANYTHING... oh, no nudity please, keep it family safe.

Thank you.

I'm putting these two cards up for auction. You can find em at the links below:

Police Uniform Lady Death:
Auction OVER!

Chibi Lady Death:
Auction OVER!

Update: I just put up some Painkiller Jane cards up to:

Chibi Jane 1:
Auction OVER!

Sin City-ish Jane:
Auction OVER!

Janey's got a gun:
Auction OVER!

Chibi Jane 2:
Auction OVER!

I'm selling my PVC figures and these two are up for sale right now:

Space Yoko:

Auction OVER!

Ringo Noyamano (Masked Hentai ver.)

Auction OVER!

They both still have their boxes so if sold, will be in their boxes. Thank you.
These 4 cards have less than 24 hours left on their auction!

You can find it here:
Auction OVER!
I just opened up an Etsy shop selling prints of my artwork.

Check it out.
I wanna do a super fast digital sketch commission for $20 each. You will receive the hi-res version of these sketches digitally so you can print it to your hearts content. They will all be 8x11, they will all be in black and white. The drawings will be like the drawings you see in my daily drawings… except without the colours.

All you have to do is send me a note with what you want me to draw for YOU! (this includes your own original characters if you want just as long as you provide references)

So, if you want a digital sketch commission from me, send me a note NOW!

Thank you.

Oh, side note, no nudity or sex-plicit drawings... oh, also, only one character per sketch...

You can check them out here:…

As mentioned in the flyer, just e-mail at and state you want to order YGX 7 (or both 6 and 7).

Thank you.