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Happy New Year 2014

By eisu

Whipped this up tootsweet as my New Year’s 2014 image. It serves a purpose of several of my resolution, which is to draw more and to draw more Marvel stuff and to draw more complete coloured stuff instead of just sketches and lastly, to finally always draw fanarts of things I like.

And with that, I should tell the idea behind this piece, this is Eva Bell a.k.a Tempus from the recent run of Uncanny X-Men. She has the ability to create time bubbles and control time from there so my idea here is that she’s stopping the time of a fireworks going off to spell “Happy New Year 2014” though I don’t know if that came out well enough.

Anyways, Happy New Year, world!

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This is going to be a great year.
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Amazing. Probably one of my favorites
she's one good reason to read Uncanny Xmen!
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Looks great!

It does make me wonder what the deal is with the X-Men and micro-miniskirts...Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Summers, Paige Guthrie, Tabitha Smith, and now Eva Bell, have all worn superhero outfits consisting of skirts that aspired to be belts when they grew up. I'm trying hard to think of another superhero team that had even one.

Face it...Professor X was a major perv. :p
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But Eva Bell never met Prof X though... we can say Cyke inherited Prof's perviness ^o^
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Well, they were linked at the end...hmmmm....

Oh! Can we throw Clarice "Blink" Ferguson in there too? Her skirt has that certain "maximum fanservice potential"... :)
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OK...Arisia of the Green Lanterns, and Elasti-Girl of Doom Patrol. But that's still one per team...
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Tempus FTW. But I swear she reminds me of Jubilee
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This particular artwork I did does kinda do that cos of the fireworks I guess, but the real Tempus doesn't have fireworks power. I feel like in the comic, she's much less Jubilee cos she's not as jumpy and hyper as Jubilee was (or prone to get into trouble) but then, she just started anyway... the latest Uncanny does show her more active side though.
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Oh yeah, the GNO issue? But its more like she looks like the Aussie version of Jubes
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Ahhh, that's true there, ha ha ha ha. Just put in pink shades and she'll definitely pull off the Jubes look... or Jubes + Rogue in her case with the white hair in front.
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Well I don't know who she is really but she's adorable.
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