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Green Lantern chick

By eisu
This is something I did for that Pergh Character Re-Design thing and this time, it's re-design Green Lantern, but to be more specific, it's more like, re-design an existing Lantern OR design your own for the Corps and I chose the latter. No idea who this girl is, but she lost her hand in a battle and had to replace it with a mechanical hand in which she imbedded the ring into it to give it the Lantern's power. That's all I have on her.

Edit: I just created this girl, she is NOT Boodikka... by "that's all I have on her" is that the concept of the mechanical armor is all I have come up with for her, not that I was given a description of her and just came up with a design.

Edit Edit: I forgot to mention that when I submitted this to the Pergh forum thingie, I gave her the name Parallinax... like a lame gender play to the name Parallax...

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I swear to god this is fucking samus aran all the motherfucking way!! XD
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I absolutely love this design.
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You know, her look makes sense. The green lanterns are mostly cops and solders. So this amazingly bad ass look you gave her is perfect!
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iiiiiiiii like it!
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Nice, that's really Kick Ass! Digging the Lantern Girls!
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It would be greatly appreciated if you choose to contribute this artwork into the Battle Ready Womyn's group in the Sci-fi folder! [link] Hope you consider submitting this.
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Sweet pic. I love the armour. Your sketchy styles really cool too =)
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Bravo!... for once. This is the first femenine picture in a long time that is actually drawn...modestly.
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'Welcome, sir.
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Hey, a friend of mine made an action figure of this for me, it's not 100% accurate, but it still looks pretty cool! Here's a link [link]
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Dude... that is the most awesome news I ever heard... you're right that it's not 100% accurate but I still love it cos it still looks awesome. Thanks for tipping me off about it man, it totally made my day.
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Glad you like it! If you have any other original characters, I'd be glad to take a look and see if I can make any of them into figures myself!
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Awesome...if you ever wanna try your hand on my character Bluejaye, please do!! :D
Love the design, particlarly the right arm. But theres something you might not know about the power ring. It needs to be atached to living tissue (i.e. her left arm)

I know, I sound like I'm spliting hairs,but mecahnical constructs can't help a ring berer wrestle control over a ring. The Manhunters tried stealing Kyle Rayner's ring and all they could do was create glowing "00010111011100010101001010". That's not to say that the ring bearer couldn't create an energy based limb via their ring. I think a couple of GL's have done that, I might be wrong though.
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Not like I actually really care about being accurate, this whole thing is just done out of pure fun, not like I'm going to make a comic or propose this character to DC or whatver, but thanks for the info.
Yeah, you have a point. I guess it was my inner geek taking over,sorry about that. But as I said it's a bad ass design
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This is...simply amazing.
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WOW! That is really great stuffs!
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