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GG on the Go

By eisu
I've been trying to figure what other old old OLD CGs I can upload and I figured, why not upload the one that got away (ha ha ha ha, long story... I prefer not to tell it). Here we go, an old one, done some time in 2003 if I'm not mistaken... I dunno, I don't keep tabs when I do what.

The whole GG group from Jet Grind/Set Radio.
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© 2006 - 2021 eisu
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JoseLalo21's avatar
A great game 👌
thisisspaaaaiiiin's avatar
Gotta see if i can use this as graffiti on jsr HD
conradbrean's avatar
JSR awesomeness! :)
LeweMan's avatar
Nice job! it just looks... epic!

YoYo is surely my favorite character of the series :3
lawman54's avatar
Impressively groovy piece here, keep it up :D!

Awesome drawing man! :)
dantiscus's avatar
480th favorite'r! :D

Found this in a compilation of the "Unreleased Tracks" folder of the JSR's OST around the internet,so i tought "why not searching for the artist?" ;D

You caught all of the xpressions to the max :D,specially Beat's and "YO YOOOOO!" X333..amazing Shading and well..overall a BLAST!!!!!
ProjectXRisingXStar's avatar
Awesome fanart of an awesome game.
M-102's avatar
I agree. This game was tight.
lilcprodigy18's avatar
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
eisu's avatar
Thank you ^^
hypersonicsquall's avatar
I want this painted on the side of my car.
eisu's avatar
Ha ha ha, good luck with that ^^
Count-Author's avatar
That is some damn good badass drawing right there, eisu!
eisu's avatar
TipsyOLaama's avatar
eisu's avatar
My personal favourite is Cube... as evident in this pic when I put her in the forefront ^o^
SuperGulpin's avatar
eisu's avatar
Love the DC version where you have to use the stick and follow the directions to make grafitti.
frapioca16's avatar
:boogie:Jet Set Radio!!!!!!! I love that game!:dance:
eisu's avatar
Me too, one of my favourites on the Dreamcast
frapioca16's avatar
Sweet!=) Beat is mah favorite.
Hakumai's avatar
Wow Cube looks soo pretty.:eyes:
And Gum equally if not more because the panty flash.:shocked:

I just wish Combo took center stage as he is my favorite character.
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