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Cold as Ice

Ice from the Justice League... man, I miss her... she's my favourite JL Gal...

Oh, anyways, I used comic costume Ice with short cropped hair (like how she is now in JLU) but with her loose baby t atop her blue tights costume (the bikini costume's not as attractive to me).
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She's back though. Does that make you happy?
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(of course, to be fair, I haven't read any DC comics for the better part of a year already... I really should try to find time to get back to that, I dunno what happened to Ice already)
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It does, actually, it really does. I've never been a Checkmate reader until she returned.
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One of the cutest pics of Ice I've seen. Do one of Raven!
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Yeah, I totally should do one of Raven and other DC characters...
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Great drawing of a really misused character.
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Really nice picture. I preffered this costume too and glad she is back among the living again. Not enough art of her or her pal
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Tora! That's such an imaginative angle. Nice work! :D
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wow i love your style! great perspective and cropping!
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The way her eyes are drawn here, Tora looks a little psycho. Either way, though, I don't think we got to see her drawn in many cool poses like you've done her here. Good job. Nice to see other fans of my favorite lady Leaguer.
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ah indeed i also miss Ice she was in one issue of I cant Believe Its Not The Justice League about a year or to back
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Very nice work! I've only read one comic with her in it. Well also "I Can't Believe It's Not The Justice League". Anways awesome job!
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Yeeeeeeeeeeees! Ice! I love you! Did you read her 'almost' coming back from hell in the Giffen MacGuire JLthingie? I love Guy Gardner, but I'd never thought I'd want to hug him XP Just brilliant!

I miss the old funnay and full of action JLA T-T
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Yeah, I got that one on TPB, "I can't believe it's not the Justice League"
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Yeah. I like the old line-up for Justice League more. I mean, what's up with the alien guy?
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If you're talking about Martian Manhunter, he's been on Justice League even before Ice was...
ChronoTata's avatar
Really? I thought I haven't seen him before. *tries to jog memory with a sledge hammer*

*emerge with bloody face* Nope, still can't remember. Must have missed him somehow. I don't know that much about American cartoons.
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Then you don't really know about the "old line-up" cos Martian Manhunter's one of the figureheads of Justice League American back in the late 80s, before Ice joined. In fact, Ice and her friend Fire met up with Martian Manhunter to join the Justice League.
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I guess I don't. -_- I remember watching Justice League back when I was really young, which had a different line-up from the current one, but some of the characters have totally slipped out of my mind. For some reason I just can't remember seeing Manhunter at all. I really shouldn't talk so much about things I don't know.
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a great pose!
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I saw the bikini one, its the one with the poofy sleeves right? she looks an figure skater....oh wait... figure skater/ice...hahaha
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Yeap, that's the one... figure skater Ice, ha ha ha...
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