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That's no egg...

3K Views's a space station!

My Dad was making deviled eggs and I dropped one, and it looked...perfect. =D
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Mar 23, 2010, 5:31:56 PM
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10/10 modern masterpiece
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And thus, the Death Egg was born.
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what is this the angery birds death star? hehehe
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thats no moon...
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Reminds me of Fleetway's Sonic the Comic Death Egg.
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Who in the what now? XD
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Fleetway is a british media company that did a magazine for Megadrive(Genesis) users called Sonic the Comic. One of the stories in the comic was Sonic returning to the Deathegg after Sonic 2. Sonic 3 wasn't out yet, so we didn't know what the Death Egg looked like on the outside(Correct me if I'm wrong, I know they don't show the mustache or anything.). The death egg in that comic was a large egg with a satellite dish dip on it.(Like an egg shaped Death Star. Also, like the egg in your picture.)
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It was a really cool story and your picture looked almost exactly like the Death Egg from that story. (It was grey and the dip was lower down.
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May I have permission to make a lol-cat style caption of this pic (with the same text you used)? Or has there already been one done that you know of?

It just looks like it would fit perfectly, both in terms of the joke and room for the text.
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I actually JUST did. XD Yesterday. lol
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Cool! Will you upload it here so can I see it? Or is there a way you can send to me directly like a PM or something?
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I can't see any caption on the pic there. Did you put one on that I just can't see for some reason? Or did you just upload the pic there so others could put a caption on it?
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I think it'd have to be on Winblog to put a caption ON it.
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Here, how's this?

(I used this site to make it BTW: roflbot
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