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-updated on July 2019

Hi, Guys!   Pixel Heart Speech Bullet by Momoko-chu Commission available now !!QuQ

★★★★★Payment and Some Rules ★★★★★


little vanilla and leafs r by DiegoVainilla I do accept Paypal and Points.
little vanilla and leafs r by DiegoVainillaIf you paying through Paypal will receive a free draft.
little vanilla and leafs r by DiegoVainilla The Paypal payments are via Invoices
 Exclamation Emote by Gasara Please pay for the transaction fees (PayPal)
little vanilla and leafs r by DiegoVainilla The Deviantart points payments are through of my Commission widget

little vanilla and leafs r by DiegoVainilla For PayPal, please send payment for ' pay for goods or services', select click "no shipping required".
    See this guideline if you have any question about payment:
  1. Buying art with PayPal by oni Suu

  2. How to pay for an invoice via email or PayPal by KFC employee

Exclamation Emote by Gasara Do Not send any payment till I accept. I don't do the refund. 

little vanilla and leafs r by DiegoVainilla Once you are satisfied with the draft stage.You will have 24 hours to complete your payment.
  I will continue working the next stage after receiving full payment.

little vanilla and leafs r by DiegoVainilla Order by sending me a note title 'Commission'.  

little vanilla and leafs r by DiegoVainilla Please be specific about what you want. ( English is not my native language) 。゚(TヮT)゚。

Shamrock Divider by GasaraShamrock Divider by Gasara    

Terms and conditions

  tick by DiegoVainilla Prices are USD.

 tick by DiegoVainilla Use a converter if you don't know how much the prices are in your currency. 

 Exclamation Emote by Gasara NO REFUNDS. Σ(☉ω☉ノ)ノ

 tick by DiegoVainilla I’ll send the final/complete commissioned work through your email that you provided.

 tick by DiegoVainilla Once you satisfied with the draft, Payment must be sent within 24 hours. 

 tick by DiegoVainilla I retain the full copyright of the commissioned work.

 tick by DiegoVainilla I can post it to any of my social media by putting on a watermark/signature.

 tick by DiegoVainilla I’ll also give the credit to the commissioners.

 tick by DiegoVainilla The commissioners will only the one who will receive the unwatermarked artwork.

 Exclamation Emote by Gasara YOU MAY NOT USE COMMISSIONED ART FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.  Anger Emote by Gasara

 tick by DiegoVainilla Those commissions are for non-commercial, personal use only.

 tick by DiegoVainilla You can use/re-upload it wherever you want as long as you are the commissioner/owner of the character.

 Sweatdrop Emote by Gasara Please, be patient. I usually take up to the 1-2 week to finish your commission.

 tick by DiegoVainilla  There will be an extra charge for major changes.  

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★★★★★Commission Types★★★★★

Star by KittyrockerBaby Chibi( 2 head body) Star by Kittyrocker(A5)
$10/1000pts each 
Extra character $ 8/800 pts .:puppy happy love:. by Chipi-Chiu

(2 character in one canvas = $18/1800pts)

Star by KittyrockerNormal Chibis (2.5/ 3 head body)Star by Kittyrocker(A5)
$15/1500pts each character
-Extra character $13/1300 pts .:puppy happy love:. by Chipi-Chiu
(2 character in one canvas = $28/2800pts)

Lynn Gardian Soul: Legion by eisjonC:SolarAsteria (Asteria) by eisjonFamily Kara Alice and Luther by eisjon

Star by KittyrockerBust Star by Kittyrocker(A5)
$15/1500pts each character

-Extra character $13 /1300 pts .:puppy happy love:. by Chipi-Chiu
(2 chara in one canvas is $28/2800pts)

-Transparent BG
+  $3/300 pts for any extra objects
(Maximum 2 chara in one canvas)

Senpai with whoa technology by eisjonIndestructible Rival Osana najimi by eisjon

Star by KittyrockerHalf Body Star by Kittyrocker (A4)

$25/ 2500 pts each character

-Transparent BG
+ $4/400 for any extra objects
(Maximum 2 chara in one canvas)

C:ASarcasticPotato(Liana) by eisjonsample by eisjon

Star by KittyrockerFull Body Star by Kittyrocker  (A4)

$45/ 4500 pts each character

-Transparent BG

+ $4/400 pts for any extra objects
(Maximum 2 chara in one canvas)

Muffet by eisjonCommission :XMzoneX by eisjonMagical girl Miyuki-chan by eisjon

Star by KittyrockerSketch  Star by Kittyrocker
Baby /Normal CHIBI = $8 / 800 Points  per each character
Headshot / BUST = $10 / 1000 Points per each character
Waist up = $15 / 1500 Points  per each character
Full body = $20 / 2000 Points per each character

-provide with Transparent BG / White BG
+  $3/300 pts for any extra objects
(Maximum 2 chara in one canvas)

Commission: CookiePower987 Emmi by eisjon
Sketch Headshot / BUST

Commission: CookiePower987 Aby and Emmi by eisjon
Sketch Waist-up

✧*。٩(*ˊᗜˋ)و ✧*。 Only For Baby and Normal Chibi ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ✧*。Heart Emote by Gasara

♥ If you want me to draw any pets, animals, weapons, simple wings, cake, flower, book, small pet, cushion, balloon you have to pay the additional fee.( depends on its complexity)
($1/100  - $2/200 )

 If your character is super detailed and complex like a lot of laces you have to pay additional fee
($3/300  - $5/500 )

* Note: These prices x include backgrounds, extra objects, etc. They're just base prices.*

-resolution at 300dpi

 transparent BG/ Simple pattern BG  is free 
.゚+。:.゚(*゚Д゚*)゚.:。+゚Pixel Heart Speech Bullet by Momoko-chu

*In the future, the price will increase.*

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★★★★★kaomoji set 1 9/19 by megaman5000WHAT I CAN DRAW kaomoji set 1 7/19 by megaman5000★★★★★

tick by DiegoVainillaFemale/Male(sorry no muscular)

 tick by DiegoVainillaOriginal character

tick by DiegoVainilla Personal avatar

tick by DiegoVainilla Kemonomimi

kaomoji set 1 11/19 by megaman5000Note by Gasara WHAT I CANNOT DRAW kaomoji set 1 10/19 by megaman5000Note by Gasara

x by DiegoVainilla Fan art 

x by DiegoVainilla Mecha

x by DiegoVainilla Realistic

x by DiegoVainilla Furries

Shamrock Divider by GasaraShamrock Divider by Gasara 

Question Emote by Gasara★★★★★ How To Order ★★★★★Question Emote by Gasara

Note me with titles 'commission'. Then please complete the form below.


  1. Paypal-Email/dA-Email: (To contact you)
  2. Style: (HB /FB / Chibi/Bust )
  3. Payment: (Points or PayPal)
  4. Character: (Name, Gender)
  5. References: (images with clear colours of eyes, hair, skin, costume  etc)
  6. Personality: (3 Words Kawaii/Kuudere/ Tsundere )
  7. Pose:  (Feel free to request a simple pose, or provide sample image)

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to my terms and conditions:

"I completely accept your terms of service and I understand that there are absolutely no refunds."


Shamrock Divider by Gasara Shamrock Divider by Gasara  

★★★★★ Progress ★★★★★

 Make sure you read the rules Silence Emote by Gasara

① Fill forms and send it in a note titled 'commission'.Emoji05Pixel Heart Speech Bullet by Momoko-chu

②Wait for my reply. I’ll accept or reject your commission.  

③ I'll send a draft to you, You can request small changes in the sketch stage. I won't do any changes after that.


If you're not satisfied with the draft, you can cancel your commission. 

I have the right to decline if I am not understanding the character's design/etc. 

④ Once you are satisfied with the draft. You need to complete the FULL payment

⑤ I won't continue your commission. If your Payment not to be paid In FULL.

* You can request WIP :) 

Only pay AFTER when you are satisfied with the draft. Any payment before that will be considered a donation.   

Shamrock Divider by Gasara Shamrock Divider by Gasara  

♥Thank you very much, guys ♥
.:Thank you little bear:. by Chipi-Chiu 

 1. Rookie-Dea DONE
2.Leui-Louie DONE
3. LyomeLuv DONE
4.lyscious DONE
5. ASarcasticPotato DONE
6.LyomeLuv DONE
7. WitoruniP DONE
8.Kiiryuin DONE
9. MadalineJones DONE
10. Rubisha DONE
11.x-Cute-Kitty-x DONE 
12. EluSeci DONE
13.rukuluc DONE
14.@laelinu DONE
15.SolarAsteria DONE
 x-Cute-Kitty-x DONE
17.LyomeLuv DONE
18.KireiUsagi DONE
Lafarintrl DONE
20.XMzoneX DONE
21. CookiePower987 DONE

Have a nice day QuQ

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