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Crying Kokona and Riku

Riku...Will you still love me even if I'm a normal NPC/disappear/replace?
I'm wondering what my future will be?

Me: I need my Wifi TQT
Like my page if you like my artwork:P
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Why are they crying?

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Oh...That's why...


Is that Yukkiteru.?

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I hope YandereDev doesn't delete these two. He already deleted characters like Haruto.
I ship them. I am on Team Purple!
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These two are my OTP... I don't want them to disappear
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I never thought of it this way...
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Geez yandere dev let Kokona stay and be like the twin of the rival girl and to let her have her boyfriend
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Kokona, boobs mackenzie I don't wanna lose her ;-;
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we have the json files and the unknown students

kokoni come back my precious
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Preciouuuuus Kokona-chan....
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Hey, I've seen your work and is very cool.  You have talent.

I am currently looking for someone who can illustrate. But no one has given me their answer. 
I want to ask you a favor. Can you make me some illustrations of characters I've created? If you want I send you my fanon project. Well... Think about it.
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um,, sorry for late replied ..well i glad you want me to help..
I will open my commission on January 2017 , you can find me on that time :D
because i'm now busy with my school assignment :x  thank you ><
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you just destroyed my heart 
I will miss Kokona alot 
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poor kokona, i hope she still stays in the game ;^;
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