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Deviation Actions




Green boxes mean hurtbox (if they touch the green line with a red bar, you will get hit).
Red boxes mean project invincible but not physical invincible.
Yellow boxes are proximity blocking markers (if the yellow bar from a move reaches your character, you will go into block animation).
The yellow in the character are collision blockers (also passing over will turn the character over).
Blue is grab ranges.
Purple/Orange is projectiles.
And there might be some other things here and there -_-;

^Not 100% accurate, just a quick run-through on what the boxes mean =) (Smile)

Download the original if you want to see the hurtboxes better =) (Smile)

All credit should go to the creator of Frame Trapped.  Don't know his name but: frametrapped.com/

I just screen capped >.>

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