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Wing Sculpting Tutorial

I've been meaning to do one of these for a while and finally remembered to take the photographs when I was doing my latest custom, Candy Girl :)
I really hope it makes some sort of sense! Feedback would be very much appreciated as it's the first time I've ever written a tutorial :)
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would a method similar to this work for G4 pony customs?
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I don't see why not, though I've never tried it :)
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FINALLY! I've been looking for a tutorial like this for a couple of hours today (I've been trying before too)...I was beginning to think that how to make these kind of wings was a close guarded secret :D

Thank you!
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You're welcome! I hope it's helpful :)
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thank you very much for the tutorial. but one question, can i use tinfoil instead of wire mesh?
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I don't think tinfoil would be strong enough, to be honest, but give it a go if you want!
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Thank you for this more detailed tutorial. It's always nice when a fellow customizer reveals tricks of the trade that everyone else won't do!!
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You're very welcome :)
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Just a question, cause you showed pictures with the non rehaired head on the do you work after you have sculpt the wings? Iam new in this, never have sculpted any wings...

So, isn´t it easer to rehair first and then sculpt the wings? Just a question, this tutorial is great and i will totally use it in the near future
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I normally strip the pony (hair off, marks off etc) and go from there. I put the head back on when I'm sculpting so the wings don't accidentally poke the pony in the eye or something :D But I don't like rehairing before I sculpt because then I run the risk of getting clay in the hair and that's just a biiig nightmare. Doing it differently could totally work though!
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Ah ok. So it´s also an idea to rehair first (head and body), then sculpting the wings and then adding the new rehaired head back on the body? Do you think this might work too?
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Sure, that sounds like it'd be fine :)
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Ok thanks ^^ I will use this in the near future hopefully ^^
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Just wanted to chime in, I haven't made wings yet but I have baked before. If you plan on using the clay that needs to be baked, do not rehair until you're done with the sculpting then baking, because it's always best to bake with the pony's head on, so it doesn't warp or anything.

Otherwise, the air dry clay is perfect and you can just leave the head off while sculpting the wings. When you're done, rehair and pop the head back on! :)
MoonyArsaraidh's avatar
Thanks a lot for your comment :) I have air dry clay and i hope, this will work like i want to, i´ve got a G4 Styling pony (the big ones you know?) i like to made wings ^^
So i hope, everyone will work xD
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This is so helpful! I've been trying to find a way to add wings to my Autumn Skye and I never knew how. One question, the clay I use won't dry by itself, you have to bake it so in those steps where it said to let dry, should I bake it? Or should I get better clay/apoxie/stuff?
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I've never used it, but I know that you can use sculpy and then bake the pony as long as you take the magnet out of her hoof first :) If the clay your using has a similar baking temperature, then you should be fine.
I'm glad you're finding it useful!
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thank you so very much for making this tut :love:
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You're welcome :)
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This helped so much! I never imagined it would be this simple..
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I'm glad you found it helpful :)
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