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This is a stock-account maintained by :iconiribel:. If not stated otherwise all photos in this account are meant for artists to be used. This means you don't have to ask our permission to use our images – that's what they are here for. However, if you wish to use our stocks, please follow the rules indicated below:

:spotlight-left: :bulletred:RULES:bulletred: :spotlight-right:

:onfire: :bulletred: By downloading and using my stock you are agreeing to abide by the following terms of use. Be aware that we update these rules from time to time, so make sure you are familiar with the current rules. If you have any questions about them, don't hesitate to note us! If you don't follow the rules we may have to ask you to remove your artwork.

:bulletred: Our stock does not belong to the public domain – you must be a member of DeviantART to use them.

:bulletred: Credit us and link back to us on the description of your final work. Credit us using :iconEirian-stock : or :devEirian-stock : (without the last space). Also copy the link of the used stock to your artist comments.

:bulletred: Let us know that you have used our stock by commenting on the stock you've used or sending a note. We'd love to see your creation! Please make sure that your link is leading to the right place – it takes us three times longer to trace your work if the link is broken, and on some occations we may not be able to locate your work at all.

:bulletred: Please, no distasteful use of stock. We don't mind macabre or horror in most cases but please use your common sense – especially when children are concerned.

:bulletred: You can use our stock outside the deviantART. You don't need to ask our permission for using them outside the dA, but you still do need to credit us and link back to our account. Also note us about the usage so we can see the final artwork.

:bulletred: You may not use our stock to make another stock! You may not repost them outside deviantART either, sell them as they are, or claim them as your own.

:new: :bulletred: Artists, attention! Don't just change colors or add a texture. From this day on we won't be accepting this kind of artwork anymore, and we may ask you to remove your work. All images submitted should be altered in such way that it is clear you have used techniques other than a filter or alteration in the colour of the original. For clarification and some examples take a look at this journal entry:…

:bulletred: If you wish to use our stock in a deviantART print, feel free to do so - you don't need to ask our permission for dA prints.

:new: :bulletred: No any other commercial use without our permission. If you want to purchase rights to some of our images or negotiate about commercial use, contact us via note. If you want to offer our stock as a print outside the dA, please ask us first!

:bulletred: And the most important - be creative and have fun!


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UmbrellaFighter's avatar
Good day. Can I use By The Window II as a piece to create a book cover? Please contact me with details for commercial use.
IrKos's avatar
Good day. I wanted to ask your permission to use this photo… as a piece to create a cover.
CamposDO's avatar
I would like to use your stock as reference for traditional painting, but before that I want to ask you if I can sell the original (not a print).
killek's avatar
thx alot .....
MissIsnabera's avatar
Hello! I'm really captivated by your works Eirian... can i use it for my book cover? thank you so very much!
Annssyn's avatar
Hi! Can I use your stock for a book cover to sell in Amazon by demand?
archemmy's avatar
Hi! Do you permit your backgrounds to be used for deviantart point commissions, or just plain commissions? Would that be allowed or is that considered to be commercial use?
supermonkey2121's avatar
I used your stock still having trouble linking it sorry for the inconvenience I hope you like what I crecreated.the photo is the bionic power paintball stock
DaynjaDog's avatar
What are the policies for using pictures as a reference in a drawing?
A-Wolfs-Freedom's avatar

What is your policy for using your stock images as a reference for a traditional drawing?

leonaenae's avatar
May I use your stock when creating works, graphics mainly, on the website gaiaonline? I would be getting virtual currency for these works, which is not transferable. I just love your stuff!!! 
Eli-Hinze's avatar
Out of curiosity, can I use one of your stock images for a book trailer of mine? I'm not sure if it's considered commercial use, since I'm not part of a publishing house or anything. Plus it'd only be a small section of the image for, at most, three seconds.
Would this be alright with you?
doclicio's avatar
I used here [link]
I hope do you like it !!!
DarkxNight's avatar
I want to draw/paint using this picture, but I don't know if I would be posting the final version I still need to credit?
Heliocathus's avatar
we are allowed to use your stack as a background image to a drawing...right?
PhantasselArt's avatar
Can I request one? :aww:
slight-art-obsession's avatar
I was curious how you felt about prints on Etsy? I would rather not sell my work on dA (although I post everything here first). I would be more than happy to post credits in the product description :nod:
Thanks in advance for your reply :D
MayaDejesus's avatar
Can I use one of your stock models on my novel cover?
BloodyRiP's avatar
i have a question...
is it alright if i reference the stock for drawings...and also if i am allowed...i do draw horror and macabre but it will be a character of mine or a fanart not a photo this allowed?
Eirian-stock's avatar
BloodyRiP's avatar
okay good
thank you for replying!
KitakLaw's avatar
I have a quick question, if you don't mind. I was thinking of using one of your stock images as a background for one of my drawings - would simply applying a texture to allow it to blend in stylistically with the foreground be a violation of the "Don't just change colours or add a texture" rule? If so, please let me know and I'll do my best to honour your wishes :) Thanks!
Eirian-stock's avatar
Yes, you can use our stock image combined with your drawing. :) Actually, we just made a journal entry concerning this rule and tried to add some examples: [link]
KitakLaw's avatar
Okay, thanks for letting me know :)
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