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Te quedas? - Viktor x Jayce fanfiction
¿Te quedas?
    — ¿Vik?
     De nuevo, sin respuesta. Jayce respiró hondo antes de volver a tocar ligeramente con los nudillos a la puerta. Ya había mirado por toda la casa en busca del científico zaunita, y los únicos lugares posibles en los que podía estar eran la calle o su cuarto. Conociéndole como le conocía, sabía a cuál de los dos sitios no hubiera ido jamás estando con tamaño bajón de ánimo.
     Pero seguía sin obtener respuesta, y aquello preocupaba al joven piltoviano.
    — Déjame entrar, Vik, por favor...
     Aquel había sido un día muy duro para ambos. El mazazo de ver cómo el profesor Stanwick Pididly, junto a las fuerzas del orden, le quitaba a Viktor su Blitzcrank esbozando aquella sonrisa arrogante y agitando en su cara los documentos que le adjudicaba
:iconeirenare:Eirenare 4 41
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(... Gods, I've tried reading a bit of the Notes and Feedback messages I have from a long time ago and my anxiety's gotten worse...)
Okay, so... a long time after I left, I'm back.

My profile and everything's gonna need a full overhaul, so you'll be seeing changes. I have, like, 15k notifications pending of reading, and honestly my anxiety's yelling "nope" in a loop to the thought of reading them, so I'll probably just delete the notifications or most of them (about Feedback and Notes I have mixed feelings... a part of me doesn't want to delete them at all, but another part of me feels anxious as heck just watching the ones I haven't answered in so long).

I don't know if the people I knew years ago is still there or not, but I'm so ashamed that I didn't keep contact or even left messages not replied...

And well, that's it for my status update. As I said, expect changes soon, and a spam of FFXV art.

Have a nice day.


Ana Cristina
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi there to whoever may be reading this ^^

Long ago since I posted my last journal, isn´t it? 

Well... Going straight to the matter, I usually I have quite the big problems when it comes to finish projects (drawings, stories, even finishing videogames, etc), and I want to end this once and for all because... holy crap, it´s the most absurd thing ever: I love to draw, to write, create in definitive, but then I´m UNABLE to finish ANYTHING. Absurd is even an understatement.

How am I going to try to end this absurd thing? ... It´s simple as it sounds, just forcing me to get out of this. And that means to start forcing me to draw more and try to finish drawings, and to finish writing my fanfictions, but let´s focus on the drawings...

There is something IDEAL for me right now if I want to try to get out of this: the 30 days OTP NSFW Challenge. And the 30 days OTP Challenge (no NSFW version).

So, I´ve been thinking about what characters could I pick for this challenge, and almost at the instant, I thought about League of Legends, because it´s one of the videogames I love and play the most, and I love their characters SO HARD... xD

To be honest, my OTP of League of Legends is Varus x Soraka, but I love other pairings too (and by the way, I always try to think about reasons why I should ship them and I give reasons for them to be a ship, so I don´t usually ship like "hey those 2, shipped because yes"), and I´m like kind of blocked right now.

I know I´m going to do those challenges (the NSFW and the no-NSFW, whatever be the time it takes me to end both -probably a lot-) with Varus x Soraka (it´s my OTP, duh, if I didn´t do it with them, it would be strange, and they need more fanarts because of lovely pairing xD), but... I want to do the no-NSFW and/or the NSFW one with another pairing of this amazing videogame.

My actual options after this pairing are (beware of multi-shipping and ships that may seem strange, by the way xD):

- Viktor x Jayce
- Jayce x Vi
- Garen x Katarina
- Darius x Quinn
- Darius x Lux
- Ezreal x Lux
- Jarvan IV x Shyvana
- Yasuo x Janna
- Tryndamere x Katarina
- Diana x Leona (*winks to a friend that loves this pairing and it´s one of her OTPs* xD)
- Pantheon x Leona
- Twisted Fate x Evelynn
- Twisted Fate x Malcolm Graves
- Lee Sin x Sona
- Draven x Sona
- Lucian x Vayne
- Talon x Riven

They aren´t in order of preferences ALTHOUGH I love A LOT Viktor x Jayce (wow very angst, much feels, so complicated relationship in my headcanons -and I try to imagine these pairings in the limits of the lore btw, I mean, I don´t usually do things that would be very out of character-), and they´re probably the second MANDATORY ship for me after Varus x Soraka for these challenges, so, well...

I want your opinion, guys: of all these pairings, what ones would you like the most to be seen in the no-NSFW and the NSFW 30 days OTP Challenge, and why? xD If you have a pairing and it isn´t on the list, you can tell me about it, I like to talk about pairings and it may be a pairing that could appeal to me :3

(BY THE WAY, I only put in the list the pairings I could draw in both no-NSFW and NSFW challenges, but there are other ships I could do only no-NSFW because reasons -let´s put for example Veigar x Lulu-, so you can tell me about pairings for both no-NSFW and NSFW, or only no-NSFW)

Thanks for reading this (if anyone read it), and if someone even answered to this, even more thanks, and a big hug! xD

Have a nice day! :3

*goes to plan how to do the first day no-NSFW and NSFW for Varus x Soraka and Viktor x Jayce*



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