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Well, once again I don't have much to update, but I guess I should throw an entry up here every once in awhile. My year at Roger Williams Zoo was definitely not long enough, but I got a ton of amazing experience. Now I'm kind of in a limbo with lots of applications out to every position I could find that I'm qualified for... and while I'm hoping for the best, I'm also trying not to get my hopes up too high.

I just wanted to remind everyone, watchers old and new, that my 10,000 kiriban is coming up, and if you catch a screenshot I will make you art. You can choose between a refined speedpaint in the style of my most recent uploads or a more detailed bust of one character. Also, because of the lag I'm in right now between jobs, I will take commissions of the same type, and they both start at $20. If anyone is interested, you can either comment here or send a note.

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Yay Kiriban -starts clicking refresh- only 800 more to go... -gets tired after 5-
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Hahaha *gives you an energy drink* maybe I should have waited a little longer to post a reminder.