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And here, have a fantastical, bedazzled fossa creature (now with butterflies)

Just because.

Pure relaxation drawing.

3 hours
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I also now want to draw fossas. 0_0
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I saw this and literally went "wtf? who is this I'm apparently watching".

Your line quality is really improving, it doesn't even look like your old work. I see improvements in the shading and anatomy too! That hind leg in proper perspective is fantastic. Don't let those elbows get the better of you, they always are at the ribcage (unless it's intentional to move them off) :)
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Haha thanks! :love: That means a lot! It was intentional, but the right front leg does look a little off to me (that could be the reason) Although I redrew it several times, first with the elbow in the right place, and it still looked weird.
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Fossa's are just stocky little things too, I know I was looking at some and the muscles of the upper front legs are just like triangles jammed on top of rectangles, it's so meaty - yet they are so skinny.

You can really see the "triangle" on his front leg here really well.

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That's actually one of the ref pictures I used xD I know they're really stocky, I just wanted this one to be fantastical and more graceful looking with longer legs. They are really interesting creatures though, most island animals are.
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Lol sorry that was me just babbling cause I realized how cool they were, don't think I've ever really looked at them so I was marvelling out loud :P I know you stylized your little guy a lot.
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Me gusta :MEGUSTAplz:
EarthBerry's avatar was supposed to be :iconmegustaplz:
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