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The Storyteller

All the stories but one...

The one that matters most......


Yet another painting I started many moons ago and have been slowly picking away at. It's probably as finished as it's going to get since I'm not sure I like it as much now as I did when I first started it... oh well. Basically I fail at fire and continue to be lazy with backgrounds.

PSE6 + wacom
~18 hours
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Art belongs to me
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Which one story matters the most? Which one does the Storyteller not tell those who come seeking?

Sorry, feeling a bit poetic there.
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Good question! I suppose it would be the story about the Storyteller and what happened to her in the past. That story is hidden beneath all of the others she tells.

It's actually from song lyrics, but I thought it was appropriate. Glad it was thought provoking! Thanks for the fav! :)
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The story of why the Storyteller tells stories. Alliterative, but a cool story premise.
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Ohmy...this is far beyond beautiful. I really love the way that the fire looks. This drawing really inspires me. Wonderfully done <3
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Thank you! :heart: Your comments always mean a lot, and it's awesome to know that it inspires you :) Makes the work more worthwhile.