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Sorry for the absence, I'm hoping to get a journal up soon. Meanwhile, I figured I might as well start uploading the stuff I've been hiding on tumblr.

Another random 2 hour study. Apparently this is what ODing on Massive Attack does to my brain. Ref used for the background.

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Great stuff! Really love the atmosphere of this one...I should check out your tumblr, I've been neglecting mine :/
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Thanks! Yeah, I still haven't been able to draw every day, but I try to keep up with it, and tumblr is easier to post to. I actually have 11 followers now! :dummy:
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That's awesome! Good for you... I plan to start up with posting studies on mine again, just studies are so boring lol. I think I have 4 followers? :D
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Yeah, I love doing landscape studies because you can always add something to them to make them more interesting, but anatomy and gestures are definitely hard to spice up lol I'd love to see more of your art again though, you always inspire me to push myself further :)
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Aw, thank you. That comment made my day :)

I've been getting too academic with my art and it became really stagnant for a time, but I actually am feeling more inspired lately and I'm trying to get back into a less judgemental routine, and just doing it because its fun!

I learned SO much from my courses, but I forgot that the end product should NEVER by why I draw. I should draw because I love to draw. It's hard to marry the two for me, learning, but still loving what I'm doing while getting to where I want to be.
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So true! It's great to know all of the technical stuff and how to put a piece of artwork together, but it should always be fun. I know I could never make it as a professional artist, but I just want to get to where I'm truly happy and proud of what I can produce... and I feel like I'm finally reaching that point.
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That's wonderful you're getting to a comfortable place! I'm starting to feel that way myself too. I learned so much, its fantastic and I draw for at least 2 hours a day now every day. I would say never say never, I mean hell I don't even know if I will make it professionals, so who knows? You just keep at it, keep learning and maybe art will be what we do professionally in our late lives, or retirement :P I'm a firm believer in doing what makes you happy or you're passionate about, and the rest seems to follow naturally in due time.
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Same here, it's so true. Haha I'll probably still be drawing way past my retirement, but I am determined to make at least some money from my writing one of these days.
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