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Something a little warmer to try to chase away the middle-of-winter blues. Kept it pretty loose and had a lot of fun painting this one. I modeled the dragon's pose on that of a cormorant drying its wings and his markings are based on a mangrove snake (Boiga dendrophila).

4 hours
Statue head ref: [link]
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This is just beautiful, I'm happy to see you are still finding time to draw and paint! Love the buddha head down in there too, it's a nice touch :)
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Thank you! :) I've been trying, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. I actually got about halfway through this one (when everything was still just ugly blobs of color) and almost gave up on it, but I'm glad I didn't.
Yeah, I got the idea for the whole scene from that little ref pic of the statue, seemed like a cool concept. Love your new icon btw ;)
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Beautiful background :D
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I love your way of drawing trees,
Can you give me some tips on doing background like your technique or something, I'm bad at creating background :/
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Sure, I'm not an expert either but I can try! For the trees it's really simple, I just started out with a bunch of little triangle shapes and then made smaller lines over them to look like branches.

The best way to learn is to study photos and look for the shapes, and then develop your own way of making those shapes. Light and shadow are very important too. I still feel like I'm not that great at creating backgrounds, but I hoped that helped a little :)
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Triangle shape directly with brushes? Yours look really awesome you can do it only for 4hrs :D

Yeah, it helps....thanks for your advices :D
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Yup, triangle shapes with the brushes, although sometimes I do erase a little bit here and there to make them look more realistic.

You're welcome! :D
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Hmmm, I see...
I'll keep practicing :D
Thanks, see you later if I have something to ask XD lol
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