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Time Flows On
Rain falls down to Earth
Cleansing, pure, new life springs forth
Soft drops drip on leaves
Gray skies spoil my mood
Wind howls through the trees
Wishing for summer
Sunshine brings new day
Golden flowers line the path
Rebirth, life anew
Freedom to wander
Evergreens provide cool shade
Beauty everywhere
Good friends and good food
Spending time while we’re still young
Lasting memories
Jump in cool water
Respite from sweltering heat
Sun burn hurts a lot
Falling leaves pile up
Swirling colors blow past us
Cold is coming soon
Summer is over
Children resume their studies
Learning improves all
Branches are now bare
Beautiful trees surround me
Winter is coming
Rain, rain, all the time
Soaking my clothes completely
At least let it snow
Breath made visible
Runny nose, sensitive skin
Bare hands freeze quickly
Quiet snow enfolds
Beauty in ev’ry season
Year’s end coming soon
:iconeireelf:EireElf 1 0
Darkness Surrounds
The dark and the cold
I trudge through the silence
Trying not to fall,
Fall into despair and depression.
No one is there for comfort,
Only the dark and cold around me
Silence, but the sounds of my footsteps.
I'm trying to get to the warmth
To friends and smiles
Laughter and hope
To the music.
For there I can be me
I can live and love
Embraced, I feel safe.
But I am in the ever-darkening night
Surrounded by silence
The cold saps my strength and will
Trying desperately to go where I'm wanted
The evil one is lurking
Waiting to pounce
I feel abandoned…
:iconeireelf:EireElf 1 0
Valhalla Is Near
Valhalla is near, I can feel it,
In my bones and in my heart.
From the blood on my chest and in my beard,
I can tell that the time is near.
What a battle it was!
With a sword in one hand and shield in the other,
I have instilled terror in the hearts of men all over the Northlands.
What a blow he gave me!
Curse the man who slew me!
May he rot from the inside out,
And the wolves eat his flesh,
And the ravens peck out his eyes!
What a chill I feel!
The wind freezes my feet,
The moon hides behind the clouds,
Dark and cold is my demise,
And so is my countenance.
What a feast there will be!
With sword in hand, Brynhildr will carry me to Valhalla
May Odin and Thor welcome me,
Tyr and Njördr congratulate me ,
And raise a toast in honor of my life.
Valhalla is near,
I can feel it in my bones...
:iconeireelf:EireElf 3 1
Oh Helm and Hammer
Oh Thor and Odin protect us
Let us be swift and mighty
Give us gold, mead, and women
Bring down the helm and the hammer
Oh Heimdall and Baldr be with us
We sail on the waves to green isles
Send winds to blow in our sails
Bring down the spear and the sword
Oh Loki and Hel don't betray us
Wreak havoc on those we attack
Let us die with a sword in our hands
Bring down the arrow and the axe
Oh for the helm and the hammer
Bring us strength for the fight,
Peace in the night,
And keep the shore forever in sight
May the helm and the hammer
Be with us 'til we die
Be with us 'til we die
:iconeireelf:EireElf 3 0
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