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i like this. it´s how i feel and think most of the time...
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Mental, can't figure out how it is possible to do something so complex.:D (Big Grin) 
FluxIllustration's avatar
Sweet, so much detail! 
ArtemisBerry's avatar
That's crazy, so many details! 
Cocooue's avatar
such great work :)
CatsiefY's avatar
I don't know where to look first! Amazing!
Cemhta's avatar
Where is waldo? xD

What a patient person you are!! So much details!
LuisMelendez64's avatar
extremely creative
Glaaz's avatar
wow awesome. seems like a lot of work to make this all!
Von-Amadeus's avatar
This is very cool, great details!
larienne's avatar
very interesting concept, nice details :)
IokoThePanda's avatar
so much in one picture, I don´t know where to look at first ;O;

it looks really interesting, and much details are in it, great :'3
Krissi2197's avatar
There's a ton of detail in this! Lovely job.
Creative2Bit's avatar
thats looks quite good:D
andrewadsit's avatar
Reminds me of when I was younger and searched the "Find Waldo" books. Nice work.
MonkeyAngelou's avatar
Is it odd that I half expected to find waldo? xDDD
shrimpale's avatar
nice little details. good job!
Josiah-Black's avatar
I like the little detail. doing pictures like this are always fun to do and fun to see.
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mohn-blume's avatar
... this must have took hours! :o
Rajah42's avatar
whoa how long did this take to draw!!?! I love how complicated it is! Really nic work!
GoodGurlGonBad's avatar
i wouldn't have even attempted making something this intricate , simply because i don't have the patience for it! great job!
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