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Caitlyn (cosplay League of Legends)

Cosplayer: Nephie (me)
Photograher: Kattanzz
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Hello!Your Cosplay is amazing :) (Smile) I'm a french cosplayer and I'm trying to make Cait cosplay :) (Smile) I want to ask you how you did the sight of your hat. Please help me :) (Smile) bye
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you look very cute Heart 
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:) Sales Hermosa. :D
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Nice, i surrender :D:D
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I think I am in love.
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Awesome! The most perfect and detailed I've ever seen.. Did you make the gun ?
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Not me, my friend made it.
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caitlyn for real =D
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Wow, you are Really beautiful. Great Cosplay! One of the best Caitlyn's Ive seen
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You're pretty, and cool outfit, haha
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well.. i got some fuzzy cuffs here.. :meow:
how can you be that fucking beatifull..? :D
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amaizingly detailed outfit!!! spot on, great modeling. love it
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Damn... spot-on, nicely done !
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Ah, cute cosplay! ^_^
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the weapon is had to improve i think... but who i am to say it, when i have a sona cosplay without instrument? XD
You look very cute in this pick <3
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Indeed, it's better than on photos, really!
Another great pose. You look gorgeous. =)
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Amazing costume (love steampunk), and *gorgeous* model!!
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i think hexteck skins are more steampnk than this....
anyway, great job such a H*T pose ^^
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