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Nyanobites Featured By Owner 23 hours ago
We want to let you know that we miss you a lot.
Entiendo que lo que occurio no fue nada lindo ni facil..pero es parte de la comunidad de hoy en dia. Esperamos que estes bien, y te deseamos mucha felicidad y fuerza querida, te queremos mucho <3
KingOfHighlands Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Te extraño Einn, saludos y mis mejores deseos para ti y tu familia.
zebbie45 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2019
I'm very sorry to hear all the bullshit that people heaped on you. I know it's just repeating what others below have said, but you should ignore all the assholes. Beyond being petty, horrible people, they are likely just jealous that someone with skill like yours, draws things that they don't like. You don't draw for them though, you draw for yourself, and post it here for people who share your interests to see. I hope that where ever you are now, or if you post at a different place now, that you're doing well, and still drawing what you like
TheCelestialSeraph Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Judging by the comments, I'm assuming you left, but if you come back, I'm letting you know that Sam O'Nella Academy used your art in this video.… at 2:05
Hey EinnhardeR, I love all your work. And I did just recently discovered about all the terrible things people are saying about you. Listen I’ve been though this road as well, for 6 years I’ve had people harass me, make up fake lies about me, made a group to try to make me kill myself, hell they even made a fake wiki about me, they went as far as finding my Facebook account. I mean I could go on about everything these basterds did to me, all because they didn’t like my work and my character. I know what it feels to feel this much hate and sadness just for doing something you enjoy doing. I know it really hurts but deep down you could be stronger if you fight back, the best solution for dealing with these kinds of people is to simply ignore them. It may sound impossible but it works, it would prove your a very strong person and that these asshole are a bunch of nobodies that are only just jealous of your amazing work and people shouldn’t be that selfish. You enjoy making art even NSFW art and that’s fine! It’s your work and nobody should tell you to do and what not do, you’ve been making the most breath taking Sonic arts I have ever seen in a long time and it takes great skill to make them as they are and if people don’t like them then it’s their own problem. I don’t know if you will return but always remember that you have friends and fans that will always love and support you and that is more stronger then any of these haters have. If you ever felt like talking to someone who understands about your situation I’m always here to listen. I wish you the best of luck.
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