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Huzzawha? - The Lion King

By einmonim
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At long last, the 4,000 kiriban (which was like... seven months ago) pic for =FriendFrog aka ~superfo. She requested Kovu from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, which is THE BEST MOVIE IN THE UNIVERSE. Specifically, this scene, where Kovu looks dumb[er than usual].

Not much to say about the technical stuff... this is why I don't do real backgrounds hey okay? I don't know what's up with the sky, but I'm glad it doesn't look like that here. Used a screencap as a ref.

So yeah, thanks FO! for 4,000 pageviews.

I'm working on three other things right now so I'll babble about them in a journal entry... eventually. I'm out.
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Kovu: Kiara, you're-

Kiara: Yeah.

Kovu: And he's-?

Kiara: Yup.

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He's figuring out that Kiara is pregnant; )
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This Is His Face after Sex Ed
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Kovu's rhino scared.Nice!
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Where's his scar?
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*his face when Kiara says she's gonna have cubs* XDD
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haha his face :) hahaha
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Kovu: *sits up* Huh? What? Yes your highness?

Simba: I just wanted to say hi. :3

Kovu: X_X
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Kiara: Sweetie, you're catching flies.
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kiara: kovu, great news i'm pregnant
kovu : hazzuwha?
kovu faints
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simba: kovu, scar was a cold blooded killer.

kovu: hazzuwha?
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Ohh good work!
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"Best movie in the universe" AMEN TO THT. :DD

Nice, btw. C: This guy's my favorite from the movie :3
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looks like the face he pulls when they are being chased by the rhinos lol!
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I can see it now:

Kiara: "Kovu i'm pregnet."
Kovu: "!!!!!!!!" (pic)
Kiara: "Im so happy we are gonna have a cub..." -sees Kovu- "Kovu?" -waves paw in front of him but he stays like that- "You-Who?!?????!!!"
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Say Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
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