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i love how flawed and human he is compared to his brother, how there's part of him that wants to be like neil but another part of him that cant stand it when others judge him and expect him to live up to neil's reputation. TRAGIC HERO YAY!!!

i'm pretty sure the japanese text are lyrics from a song by kokia, i forgot!

character: lyle dylandy (gundam 00)
tools: sai, photoshop
print available here!
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I don't know the fandom, but the art is really nice (especially his hands - some kind of sexy) :).
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really cool picture
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"もしかしたら何か変わっていた? 今になって後悔する度"
These are the Lyrics of ごめんね (gomen-ne=sorry) by, indeed, Kokia.
Moshikashitara nanika kawatteita? Ima ni natte koukai suru tabi.
Maye it's unusual? [...] When I become regretful...

Looking at the original lyrics, there's actually half a sentence missing in between the two parts
and the second one is not finished, so sorry if the translation is weird :/
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this guy is hot XD
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sooooooo handsome
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he is hot *---,*!
but i don't like smoking guy's XD
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When I first started watching season 2 of 00, I couldn't help but think of Lyle as an 'imposter', but I've since warmed to him. I agree with you that he seems more flawed than Neil, but I also think that makes him more likeable- he's honest with himself and others and not trying to be someone he isn't.
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I don't like lyle's personality, but I love this pic...I still think that smoking is bad...but lyle's one of the few characters that can make it look sexy...

great drawing.
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He sexy... And I love his eyes!!! Omg I love all ur art
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omg, whenever i se another gundam 00 fan, i squeaaaall!! XD especially if they draw Lyle and his brother so pefectly! <3 i love neil more, but this guy was awesome, too. a little bit on the cynical side, but he has his reasons! =D

good job!! 8D
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I'm in love! this is a really good picture and it's my favorite of all time (a) Thank you for making this beautiful work, I'm going to put him up on my wall soon.
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This picture is really beautiful! :heart:
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Well aint he gorgeous XD
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oh Lyle <3 ...... °giggles like an idiotic school girl°
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I really like the way you handled the light and shadow.
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(ignore that previous post xD)

This is amazing~!
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:shocked: :eyepopping: :jawdrop: :faint:

:gwomp: :woohoo:

:clap: :+favlove: :love:

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