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Weiss Vol. 7 portrait

By einlee
Belts ahoy! (fashionably late, I suppose)
Weiss's promo art for RWBY volume 7 :P

I'll be posting the rough sketches to my website blog soon, after I get the new layout set up!
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The linework of sai looks great i may start looking at that instead of photoshop. How do you like sai over photoshop is sai your favorite? Fantastic work here! I love weiss <3 
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She's looking so much more like Winter nowadays, and I am absolutely fine with that! Her new look is absolutely gorgeous!!!
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Wow her hair! I'm in love with her new outfit as well!

Silberschluessel's avatar
This Outfit looks so freacking amazing <3
I need to cosplay this *_______*
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I love Weiss's outfit, absolutely gorgeous. Very happy to see those splashes of red again. Out of all the volume 7 designs, I love Weiss's the most. The reason I love Weiss's outfit the most is because it's beautiful, elegant, and she looks ready to kick some ass. Also her braid is to die for. I love the artworks you do for RWBY. They're always amazing to see.
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Hi, can I use this for my banner?
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I'm really curious about how Weiss's dress lays? I'm hoping to make this design for a cosplay soon and its hard to see how all the pieces fall because of the pose. I'm just wondering about the type of waist the dress has? Like is there a seam or something underneath the dark blue piece? Or how the light blue fabric parts to make way for the back skirt cape piece?

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This is so wonderful Love 
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Stylish and beautiful. Also her boots are lovely. 
ziginz's avatar
YES! That is a sick dress! Welcome back combat skirt!
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I'm in love with that colors ♥
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Love the new look, but DAMN where did all that hair come from?? :D
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Can't wait for more.
HuntressCuddlez's avatar
oh i love this omg
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Weiss's new 'do makes her look even more the proper lady than before. Cannot wait to see the sketches and the other members of Team RWBY!

Did you redesign any other key characters' outfits?
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The rest of the team got redesigns as well; Blake has short hair now.
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superb work my dear owo!!!!

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Love how you did the shading on the white clothes, it looks super smooth, I want to touch it! 
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I REALLY need to catch up on watching RWBY.... I've only seen up to S4... TIME TO REWATCH IT ALL!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!
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I’ve watched the series more times than I can count on two hands
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