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Tracer expressions

Tracer study just for fun! Drew this while I was waiting for feedback on Soldier 76 =P
I don't usually go for the poster girls but Tracer is just too cute and dramatic. She looks so boyish in the concept art but so sweet in the cinematics...!? This is just my take on her, might be a little OOC.
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Tracer is one of the most iconic characters in overwatch.

Also my favourite

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Your Overwatch Expressions are making me giddy in anticipation for the future.
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I don't see how any of this is out of character. I thought it was normal to have emotions.
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Love the style, very mainstream !
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if someone traced this art, then how would one refer to that person? 
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TF2 - Red Scout Saysplz emoticon eddition Man, she's a freakin' angel.
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This is really neat <3
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Fantastic work!

Keep it up! :iconyeahplz:
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Superb :3
Love the top right one XD
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did you do Sombra
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Awesome art!

Tracer is the best
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Tracer is so awesome!!!!!!
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i am convinced she is gay
ErinZepplien's avatar
i mean the gay queen
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My favourite. So energetic!
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Some dude I remember was such a dumbass they stole this in the artist alley, I was like, It's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon) 
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Inspiring and awesome. Love the expressions ♥
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