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The Fairy Queen

All ready for mardi gras :p

I almost submitted as dairy queen.
Thought I'd try painting (for a change) a female (for a change) since everything I've been doing lately has been so linework heavy. painting is just so relaxing! This is also my first submission of 2015, where did the time go?
sai + photoshop
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Omg, your color technique is amazing! OMG I LOVE IT plz 
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full picture of this queen? Cry forever 
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epic :0 i love the art
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Wow this is incredible! I love the iridescent feathers!
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She has quite a few similarities to my OC...... :/ which gives me hope for how good my character could look....if only I could get my skills to y our level. Your work is amazing <3 found you via facebook from your solider 76 work :D nicely done <3 <3 <3
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Fantastic paintwork! Love the details and glimmers (is that even a word?)
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wow this is the prettiest thing I have ever seen I am in love
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I love the expression on her!
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lol dairy queen. This is beautiful.
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I love the colors in this.
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I love her color and her design. Good work.
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wow! she's a beauty!
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sooooo beautifull :o :D It's Time 
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So beautiful!! :omg:
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So cool, es ist total gut gezeichnet und die Farben sind o cool und OMG es ieht so gut aus!!!!!
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