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Soldier: 76

I was super excited to be commissioned by DeviantArt for Blizzard to draw a character from Overwatch! I was really drawn to Soldier 76's back story, one of such loss and disillusionment.
Instead of his usual guns-blazing badass look, I tried 
to capture something more poignant and evocative: a moment of repose after a long day.

Edit: Please do not use this image to sell as mousepads, prints, tshirts, et cetera.
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I'm a comic book lover, specifically anime and manga. Initially I thought of a comic book course but I wondered if it was as complete as one of animation.

The courses are varied and interesting, such as: concept art and character design for video games, animation, comics. 
But which one to choose? Which course gives the most solid base so that you can then range in other fields with practice?

Do you know DigiPen?
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 an army of one.
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We Are Soldiers - Otherwise
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This is one of my favourite fanarts to Overwatch and anything ever. It's beautiful! Congrats on commishion ;u;
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That is awesome, it really captures his back story and feelings.
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Definitely one of the best pieces of Overwatch Art I've seen! Love your work :D
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This is VERY NICE!!!!

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Officially my most favorite art ever!!!!!!
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I'm comming back today to tell you that this is still one of my all time fav overwatch art
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Forget 76, the real amazing detail is those clouds! Nicely done!
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I love this kind of art! Shows he not just a grumpy old guy yelling "move the payload!" every five seconds. Bloody good job :)
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I really love the setting. I don't know how to say it, but this picture say more than a thousand words
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Just wow. I really got that sense that you were going for. He's just a soldier after all 
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Very nice with this and Tracer. I really like the looks of these characters and the backstory for them. I'd love it if they did an RPG with them exploring their world. :)
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Atmosphere in the picture is great. It's also bit desperate and bitter I think. That sundown in the destroyed city with characters expression makes me think about what he probably thinks: "How far I've come?", "How many I've killed?", "Can I ever forget what they had done to me that day". Character fits so well together with background: orange and blue make here great pair. Also of course I really enjoy the style you've drew this picture. Great work, I need to say! :)
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Oh my god I seriously love this.
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Wow, he looks a little young with the black eyebrows and the beautiful face, but I reeeeaaaally like it. It has this "What will you become?"-vision of the future vibe to it. Love it.
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According to newest info, he's 48-50 so not THAT old tho ;)
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