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Ruby - Volume 7 Portrait

By einlee
New outfits for RWBY volume 7, yeah! The new designs just dropped last weekend so I'll be posting them here :D 
I had a lot of fun designing their new outfits.
First up is Ruby - belts, pleated skirt, spiky shounen hair, wew

Whadya think?!
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© 2019 - 2021 einlee
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This is beautiful. The work on Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang are so wonderful. I'm thinking of using each fanart of yours for part of what my friends and I are making that involve each of the 4 and I'll give you credit for the wonderful work you created Einlee.

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it feels a little too identical with her volume 4 outfit. I kinda hoped the new clothes would feature more black instead of keeping the sleeves the same. although the overall look feels really like a red riding hood and the sporty skirt makers her look more fun. but her design out of all of team RWBY doesn't feel as if she changed. the gloves look kinda puffy but it works with her look though I wish her sleeves and corset would've changed and the color of the belt as well, though it has red and black it has more of a brown feeling towards it. it seems to lack any winter attire that she would need in such a cold climate and her leggings do need to be darker to support this. I've seen other videos on this like Adel akas on the new designs and I very much agree with him. sorry to be such an annoyance but this is constructive criticism.

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not into the white sleeves tbh. I just want her outfit to be red and black
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Aside from Colors, is it just me or do the Characters/the Show turn more lesbian with every Volume? :XD: :laughing:
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might have on volume 6 but as much as I love lewd Yuri, I'm betting there'll still be straight pairings canonized. On the other side, RT keeps hinting on Bumbleby…
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I Love it the art

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Where's yangs portrait?

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Very impressive!
I just hope her sleeves aren't the exact same colour as her skin any more.
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I think this looks so cool! I really love the pose, it's so dynamic, and the lighting is very nicely done as well~

Each of Ruby's costumes feels like an evolution of her design. This is no exception.

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I love that she is wearing thigh highs this time.
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Awesome! It has the feel of her previous outfit but with little modifications that just make her look more hardcore!
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Absolutely diggin' this new look. The shorts-under-skirt is just the kind of sporty-cute look I'd expect for Ruby, and I love that her outfits always retain her ties to Little Red Riding Hood (English-styled clothing).
einlee So, what was the thought process behind spikening Ruby's hair, or changing the shape of Ruby's corset?
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What an absolute lovely design! Such a great drawing of her! Please continue to draw more!
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This along with Yang's design I don't mind too much. Though I'm not sure if the hair is meant to look different or if it's just the art-style of the pic.
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Nice!!! Can't wait XD
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...Why do I get the feeling that she's gonna kick someone in the nads?
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occupational hazard
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Awesome I can't wait 👍
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WHOAA!!! it's volume 7 already!!! i'm so excited and i can't wait to see your designs ein!!! <333 
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