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RWBY Volume 5

By einlee
Illustration that I did for RWBY Volume 5! Volume 4 was buildup/anticipation and in V5 stuff is going down, so lots of yelling and gritted teeth (well...mostly Yang and Blake I guess) conveying ACTION in this poster. And yes, I think Qrow and Oscar should go on dorky adventures together too.
Done in SAI, Mistral matte painting provided by Rooster Teeth.

How are you guys enjoying Volume 5!?
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© 2017 - 2021 einlee
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YOUR ARTWORK IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!! :D so beautiful

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Awesome work! it makes a good smatphone wallpaper, in my opinio

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Beautiful 💓💓!
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Im A HUGE fan of rwby and this is AWESOME!
OMG i have been looking for the artist of this poster for a long time and I found you! I loveeeeee your art style so much, I love this poster so much, its amazing!!
the-Keroppi-m8's avatar
I love you and your art
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Cool! c; I love your art styles and arts! c;
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it is incredible wow, so great i´m speakless ! very great work ♥♥
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colors are incredible!!! love the style! srsly tho how the heck did u draw the hands?
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i saw it i saw it. You're great
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I'm loving the whole show. The volumes are amazing!!! 4 and 5 are my top favorites, though!
Currently watching RWBY for, like, the 5th time now lmao
Might end up watching the whole series again once Volume 6 ends, and whenever each future volume ends because it's JUST. THAT. GOOD.
Still trying to get my brother to watch this... I'd love to see his reaction to certain episodes, like the ending of Volume 3!
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Is this official?  It looks official.
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yeah, it is official
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Ein, thank you so much, for this illustration, and the incredible variety of colorful characters you've helped create. RWBY Volume 5 was wonderful. I look forward to what you have in store for us in Volume 6. Until then, happy RWBYear :D
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I love this show for the action and the lore!
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Loving this volume! Great work.
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so far volume 5 is amazing
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OMG! Your Artwork is the cover of the anime (On Crunchyroll)... DATS SO COOL!!!
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This was done in SAI, right? How many layers did this need?
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Wait, YOU did this?? :O
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Yes, she is the artist for RWBY! 
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That's amazing lol
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