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RWBY Vol 7 - Yang Xiao Long

By einlee
There you have it guys, last but not least of the new outfit portraits.
Yang onee-san lookin fly in an asymmetrical jumpsuit and jacket 😂
I dunno, I've always loved her outfit motifs. Boots, browns and khaki, golds and fIrE


done in paint tool sai 2
RWBY/charcters property of Rooster Teeth
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I like the design, but I feel there maybe should be some more dark brown or yellow to break up the tan. She kinda looks like a tan blob rn ngl.

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Her hair is painted marvelously here! :D

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 Cool. My only complaint here is that there's not enough yellow in it
you know what they say, "GROOVY".
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It's YANG!!! I LOVE HER!!!
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Love the energy and the new outfit. She looks great!

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I really like her jacket and belt buckle.
But I can't help but to think of Vernal when I look at her unzipped pant leg. Was that intentional or...?
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now this is one badass fighter!!!!!

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Its boom time. Excellent work.
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You didn't make this. Thats Copyright infringe ment.
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Have you looked at her gallery and compared the art style?  Clearly not.
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Um...this artist has been working the RWBY crew since season 1 RWBY portraits by einlee   and there is the prove for you. Maybe just check before you jump to conclusions?
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Fun fact. Monty Oum made season one by himself.
AnimaComplex's avatar that would not even be physically possible for one person to do all that animation work by themself. Monty had the original idea but there was also other people that did alot of time and effort one the first season. Monty Oum did have another series called dead fantasy that I think he mostly did alone maybe you are confusing that with rwby.

Now here is a quick interview from 2013 you could watch, please stop now cause you are just embarrassing yourself.…
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einlee is literally one of the design artists for RWBY. This is their artwork. It's fully within their rights to post these.
Why would you think otherwise?
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Because people lie on the internet
Weirdo-Dummy's avatar
If you're implying Einlee was lying, they'd have to be really good at it to keep it up for years, even going as far as to have their website faked and having their credit in even volume 1's ending faked. <--Pause it at 12:48 and read who the Concept Artists always were and are. If this account was stealing the "real Einlee's" work, they would have been shut down years ago with how much attention it's gotten.
And "Fun fact. Monty Oum made season one by himself." ???? He may have been an insomniac and workaholic, but he was far from the only person/animator to work on the volume. Again, debunked by the end-credits and interviews with video footage of people working on the show.
Wherever you got your misinformation, please reconsider using that source again.
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Great job on colors! :la:

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Finally !!! Beautiful Yang !

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So quite pretty :lovelyeyes: 
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i love her outfits as well !! great job! : o
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