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Pirate Bones

something of mine has been lost to the sea.

This is what happens when you sell your soul to Cthulhu.
thooough those tentacles would be useful when grocery shopping!
OC bones, sai+photoshop
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Awesome, but maybe a little busy? Tentacles actually would be pretty useful, now that I think about it.
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Awesome character design! And I love her color pallete <3
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She look like a member of Granblue from Cardfight!! Vanguard.
KidoKoala's avatar
She has some sexy legs (and tentacles)!
shockaLocKer's avatar
Why are curses always secretly an advantage .-.
Jeiar11's avatar
¡Qué chulo!
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Wow. This is just beautiful. The details, the lantern and the hair are so good!
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Her design is incredible, well done!
CupiCake-16's avatar
wow, it's beautiful *o* 
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I love pirates!! :squee:
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scorching-princess's avatar
wah! Love the design!!!
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I get so exited when i draw a pretty picture. Then i look at your work and remember im a self taught 15 year old who is nowhere near the level of a professional. xD
SqualEleven's avatar
Looks so much like Nostale's SP7
QuantumBranching's avatar
Sell your soul to Cthulhu and you can't even get him to fix your arm? Whatta gyp.... :)

Nice design. Reminds me a bit of Shirow.
Andaciae's avatar
Really cool character design :D
NightShadow154's avatar
This is definitely one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Excellent work!
Miz-Jynx's avatar
My immediate thought was that this was a really cool advert for Captain Morgans.  XD  And I love the sheen on the testicles!
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