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Overwatch Suits - Ladies

It's that time of year again, let the dapper ladies of OW celebrate the holidays with you!  :holly: :holly: :holly:

Let's be real they're just going to trash your house with their shenanigans. ...yay?

The composition for this image was done before Orisa came out so I had to do some squeezing, but no space for two mechs so have Orisaballoon and Efi instead :P

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You guys know what's coming next..!?
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What's the name of the little girl next to D.Va?

Efi, The creator of Orisa.

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Me looking at Moira: Heels on ground, comrade found. Heels in sky, WESTERN SPY
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Great job! love your stuff
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Oh my god. Widow looks f i n e. 
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Pharah et si mignonne quand elle regarde Mercy comme ça ! On sens qu'il y a un truc entre elles, et même Ana l'a remarqué 😆 Impossible de trouver ma favorite, entre Sombra, Symmetra, Widowmaker, Zarya et Moira, je les trouve toutes géniales !
Hello Ein Lee,

Your job is just amazing ♥

Is it possible for you to update Black and White Overwatch Lady with new character please ? It would be really great :D
I only ask in case you want to ;)

Have a nice day :)
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Now Brigette needs to be added, lol.

Just kidding, you don't need to add her if you don't want to.
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...Please tell me there's going to be a "gown" version for the guys. Please.
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Dr.Ziegler... Oh my...
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dis is so cuteeeee
is this going to be a reoccuring thing when they add new heroes? because that would be amazing
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Now you need to draw all the GUYS wearing White gowns.
 Cuz there have already been guys in black suits and ladies in black gowns, now this.
  I guess the next thing would have to be white gowns for the men.
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Efi looks adorable! I'm glad you added her, she's one of my favorite characters from the lore. 
AmandaMorganAura's avatar
Could you make them wear all tuxedo's and cummerbunds!!! some with pants and some with skirts! ^_^ 
TheLightofAmaterasuX's avatar
Oml if you make the men in gowns....
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That's what I think will happen. What else could it be?
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moira omgg im so gay,,
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smart one dude, i gotchu ;)
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