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God Kiana

By einlee
Promo illustration for Honkai Impact 3rd's new character, God Kiana :D
Who doesn't love evil characters?!

Click here for the event link: 
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It looks amazing. Mah damn waifu
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Gasp! You drew Honkai Fanart? :0
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It's promo art for a Honkai event ;)
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So cool! I love that game! Hope to see ya at Fanime!
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Nice! Yeah very nice work on this! I'd love to see you make a drawing of Shinobu Jacobs from No More Heroes or Yae Sakura from Honkai Impact 3rd someday. It's up to you really. I'm just making a suggestion not a request so don't worry yourself and no need to make a big deal over it. Anyways, keep up the nice work okay?
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Love the colouring and the character design! Very nice posture, and I love the eyes and hairstyle!
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Fantastic work! :D
Does she fight using punches?
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Nah. She tosses needles of desth from portals Gate of Babylon-style.
Does Honkai Impact have any female characters who throw punches?
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Fu Hua/Fuka does, since she specializes in melee martial arts.
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Aside from her, no.
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Oh wait..Is that Kiana FROM HONKAI IMPACT 3D?!!!
I was playing this game! Its wonderful
And this
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So wonderful Heart 
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Is it wrong of me to want her to step on me?
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Your composition looks so great! I love this!
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Your art is so nice to look at! You, fellow person (with those skills, I hope you are), have exemplary talent. Nod 
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