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Blake Vol. 7 Portrait

By einlee
I think she's soooo cute with short hair ;-;
In hindsight I should have stopped the front zipper in the middle (or perhaps where the zipper currently sits) instead of going all the way down the coat tails... it's not meant to be zipped down all the way anyhow, that would be a very awkward look.
Aah who cares, she's got a sexy catsuit underneath and that's all that matters

Happy belated Friday the 13th - from our favorite black kitty girl!

Character art/design by me
RWBY property of Rooster Teeth
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© 2019 - 2021 einlee
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I really do love her design in volume 7 and I have to say you did amazing work (i have drawn fanart of her myself), but I can't help that it feels off with her overall character. her design has too many zippers and features too much white despite her representing the color black and the purple feels unnecessary. (please don't feel saddened because of it, I don't mean to offend). her design feels as if she blends too much with Weiss and her own long accents. both have white belts and the torso design looks a little identical. but they both have colors of white which make them blend in with each other and diverts attention to either of them when they stand together. in a cold climate, it would have been nice to have her wear more black since that certain color attracts more warmth and it adds to Blake's character being stealthy and assassin-like but the white has given her stealth traits away. please don't get me wrong I wouldn't have made better character designs myself, my art is minuscule compared to yours but I sort of wanted to get this off my chest.

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Looks amazing! Great job!
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I never knew how much I needed short haired Blake in my life. Nice outfit to. Natural evolution of her previous outfit. The cat suit works really well with the jacket and happy to see more purple in her design. She's also gorgeous. Well done!

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Gah. Imma miss her long hair in Vol 7 😭
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If I didn't know better, I'd say Selina Kyle was going through a phase.

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Oh wow!  So you did that art on the main RT page?!  Impressive work!
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So dark and mysterious 
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She looks more grown :'I <3

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So you like short hair as well, I see, you're a man of culture.

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This is wonderful :lovelyeyes: 
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Short hair, always a good choice in my book.
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Always love seeing your designs!

I never get tired of looking at your art

gets me motivated :D

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I know this has probably been asked but...

Does Blake have enough zippers??? :XD:
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Okay.....I think I going to become a Blake fan after seen this...she look freaking gorgeous.
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i wish the models looked as good as your illustrations
good work as usual
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