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Black dress

she squats in the most unladylike position and has a sky in her umbrella. i really don't know what to think of her :o

also check out white dress: [link]

character: lilyha
tool: sai, photoshop cs
print available here!
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hi! i dont know if you know about it or not but the anime site is using this artwork and i have no idea if they asked you for permission or not. if yes, sorry to bother you!
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I'm not sure if you know, but uses this as their avatar without credit and has it on their site. 
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I love them both, but I must say I like the black dressed one better than the white dressed one!




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do you a website use your art as logo? (
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Yeah I just saw that too.…

(gotta scroll all the way down)
SquallLion1's avatar
 (my bad, I forgot the word 'know' in 'do you know...) but you got it)
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Just Magnificent! Love it
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i saw this draw on the
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sky under in her umbrella instead of outside. nice. oO although, what happens if it rains? :P
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Wow amazing, it's so beautiful *o*
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This is gorgeous, I really want her umbrella! :love: great job!
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She's so Beautiful, I thought of the name Skye, as she has the night sky in her umbrella haha :)
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I like the change you made in these two pics. Like how the White dress has a dark sky while this one has a clear sky. And the inside of there umbrellas was a clever idea too.
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This is my favorite picture on the cite...
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Wow, this is amazing. But isn't the umbrella a little too small? :XD:
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e-hem ! Well...Hi! Dear author....Well, as you see...I saw this picture while ago in a random webpage and liked the picture and decided to make a drawing based on it. I never knew who the author was but I gave credits anyway x'DD so now that I found out it was you I just want to let you know if its ok I used this picture to do another one?
Now I'll gove the right credits TTwTT
einlee's avatar
that's no prob!
AoNoTori's avatar
Oh! Thank You! I gave the credits :'D
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Could I use this as a RP character pic? I would keep your deviant url in there of course. (:
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