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Princess Mononoke

EDIT: Due to high influx of people taking my piece, printing it on products, I have added a watermark. I'm sorry. If you see this piece on DO NOT BUY.

Here's a zoomed in image of…

I've added more details to her for the zoomed in version and added bushes around the corners.
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hi! I'm sorry to bother you with that but is Displate alowed to sell your artwork ? cause I found this and I'm so upset right now I hope its yours or something omg

I found your work on it have masive commercial on facebook :(
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Oh dan, she's soooo beautiful :o
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That watermark tho... Why desecrate your own artwork?
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Unfortunately people have been taking this piece and selling it on 3rd party sites like People have been taking this piece printing it on sweaters and mugs to sell for their own profit. Others repost without giving credit. I am actually going to change the watermark so it's not covering the entire image. Sorry for the inconvenience 
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Oh I see, that makes sense then, shame on them. :/

Good luck dealing with that bro.
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thanks man, the struggle is real lul
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I can imagine, wonder if there's a good solution...
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Because TeeChip is run by a bunch of @$$holes that steal artwork and print it on shirts, mugs, posters, etc. Adding a watermark makes it so they can't steal the art and sell it.
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Thank you for understanding Sweating a little... 
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I like how the watermark fits it so well, already a great picture.
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I love this render. Its amazing. Great artwork!
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Wow!  This looks lovely!
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hey I saw this print around fanime and I have to say great job it's really awesome!
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thank you ^^
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Wow...the lighting is beautifully done!
Interesting custom.  Great grasses.
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Yeah - awesomeeeeeeeeee !
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Such an original depiction ////
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Really cool! well done! :D
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Omg, this is so cool!! Nicely done, princess mononoke looks so impressive and the colors and style are wonderful
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this just has to be the prettiest rendition of San in my life!
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