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GoA - Claude Romanov

Here's my character sheet for :iconguilds-of-aether:


Name: Claude Romanov Hellberd
Race: Human
Occupation: Member of Warrior Guild
Age: 22
Gender: Female. (yes, it's a 'SHE' LMAO)
Hair Color: Raven
Eye Color: Grayish Hazel
Height: 178cm
Weight: 62Kg
Birth: Sorgund, 25th of November
Hobbies: work out, climb trees, reading, teases people.
Likes: her brother, foods, books, girls (she's a bisexual)
Dislikes: almost nothing
Weapon: Aegle-Agrona (Axe)
Mana: Light/Fire

Personality: Blunt and extremely honest, often hurts people with her words, though she didn't intend to. She's very careless and easy-going. Claude loves to laugh and see people smile. She never sees the world as 'black-and-white', as long as it doesn't gives any disadvantages, she won't protests (pretty selfish).

Despite those personalities, Claude is an understanding person. She becomes over-protective when it comes to people/things she cares about (especially her brother). She becomes unreasonable sometimes. Even though Claude is brilliant, she never wants to study and prefers to act like an idiot.

History : She's Clein's twin sister. They came from an aristocratic family. Claude isn't very happy with her life. She hates to live by the rules. Her only friends were her brother and a maid. She fell in love with her maid who's very kind and gentle towards her. That's when she started her life as a bisexual. She didn't wants to leave her, but Clein said he's bored and going to leave the house. Claude really loves her maid, but she loves her brother more, so she left her house with Clein and joined the guild.

- She often disguises as her twin brother and flirt with Clein's fangirls(and fanboys).
- She likes to dress like a guy.
- Her weaknesses are dark-haired girls and her brother.
- Her body is weak, she has low stamina.
- She's very tomboyish.
- The truth is, she's a pyromaniac (likes to burn things). Her parent took her to a therapist when she was 20. But it seems her trait won't go away.


ENUUUFFFF :iconimseriousplz:
I'm practicing cell-shading, so please don't mind the... coloring >_>
*EDITED* adding her axe and some changes on her clothes.

Claude Romanov (c) ~einherjar114 (me)
Clein Romanov (c) ~marchenne
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Her body is weak, she has low stamina. <Ironic that SHE (lol) is in the warrior guild! And you'd think she's a scholar then suddenly wields a huge axe hahaha
einherjar114's avatar
IKR :iconultimateplz:
LMAO she was just tailing her brother to the warrior guild :iconimhappyplz:
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wah epic axe XDD

Keren manthap abisss XDDD
einherjar114's avatar
hahaha makasih banyak XDDD
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aah.. saya supah berharap di cowo... :slap:

keren~! sepertinya anda banyak ikutan grup ya.. (-_-)
einherjar114's avatar
hahaha maaf >_<
ah tau aja nih :iconimhappyplz:
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haha... ^^; pasti kalo banyak misi repott
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(* v *)/ Welcome to Warrior Guild!!! <333

*kaget setengah hidup* APAH?! WANITA?!?!?!? asdfasdfasdf XDD kereeeen!!!

OAO smoga bisa ada relasi yah... haha... /SHOTSHOT
einherjar114's avatar
Thank you!! :D

YA. WAriaNITA :icondesiremeplz: hahaha mau relasi sama dia boleh koookk :iconleleleplz:
miocchi's avatar
:iconleleleplz: aih... mau mau mau~~~ tp jd apanyah... *plakked*
einherjar114's avatar
mau jadi tukang reparasi langganan Claude? :icondesiremeplz: *DIHAJAR*
miocchi's avatar
Waaaaaaah!!!! Sungguh sangat luar byasa boleeee! XD
einherjar114's avatar
wow, langsung diterima aja :o seriusan?
miocchi's avatar
duariusan klo saia... :p
einherjar114's avatar
LOL dasar XD oke deh. sepakat ya. makasih! XDD
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Couldn't be cuter! *w*
einherjar114's avatar
thank you very much~ :iconiloveyouplz:
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Congrats on getting it :3~
einherjar114's avatar
thank you very much! :D
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I see a sparkle rival °A°
einherjar114's avatar
bring it on =w=b
Magical-Elf's avatar
haha he looks so friendly and nice with his glasses and book.. but then not so much when you see the big ass weapon ! XD

nice work ! ^___^

and congrats on getting in :meow:
einherjar114's avatar
thank you~ XDD but "he" is a woman :iconimhighplz:

thank you!! :love:
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OH SO PRETTY :iconteheplz:~
Loki: Welcome to the guild *grins*.
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