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How much more beautiful would this world be, without me?

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Yoneyama Mai, Wada Arco
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Henry V. (from 1989), A Silent Voice and these movies with Rei Ayanami in it
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Dr. Who, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Star Trek
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The King (Elvis Presley) and the Queen (Hatsune Miku) with their royal houshold Whitney Houston, Elton John, Nina Hagen and Renaud.
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Any book...as long as it's about King Arthur
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Heinrich Heine, Lord Byron, Hector Malot, Henry R. Haggard, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Peter Rosegger, Hermann Hesse, Mark Twain, Haruki Murakami
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Tales of Berseria, Xenoblade 2, Fate Extra/CCC
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French girls in medieval armor


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KI or the extinction of photography! What a sensation it was as the first chess computer Deep Blue won against Garri Kasparow back in 1997! Now it’s 2023….and our cars still don’t fly…. But it’s totally normal nowadays that computers play better chess than humans and AI pics on DA look better than a work by a human pro artist! Well….no, we aren’t quite there yet, but we’re heading in the direction quite fast when the KI might provide the better “stock photos” or “illustrations” and maybe also the better composition for images that will be sufficient for most use cases. As for the artistic value of the stock photos I made on famous places, which where shared a billion times on social media and me standing on the exact place where hoards of photography workshop attendees left the imprints of their tripos, I feel it would be hypocritical to complain about the missing “art” in AI art. Also the fact that in the future it will be more and more difficult to see the difference between a
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1 min read
Gentle reader, long time no see! My last entry was made made 2019 but as you know in 2020 there was an "issue" which disturbed our hours of idleness a bit. And as it seemed we got through the worst, in 2022 there started another "issue" and I don't know how many issues have yet to come but I'll try to entertain you with some stock photos again, while we are waiting in the back-country for the saviour girl. Because since we are familiar with French history and Japanese animes, we all know very well that there always has to be a girl that must sacrifice herself to save us, the country and the entire world.
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Gentle Reader, I got a core membership sponsored! So happy and grateful! Now I finally can start to create subfolders for my stock images and I'll also add some keywords so they'll be easier to find. Until the end of this year I plan to upload some further stock images. For 2020 I don't know in which direction I should go right now. Maybe I'll do some drawings again, provide less photos but more edited photos/in a better quality or provide more pictures of different objects that can be used for photomanipulations. I'll think about it. So far, thank you all for your support and comments and thank you John Slaughter  (https://www.deviantart.
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Interesting gallery.

Beautiful gallery<3 i love your castles photos<3

Merci beaucoup! Je suis content que les photos vous plaisent.

Ah tu es français;-)désolé de t’avoir écris en EN

Haha, ce n'est pas grave. Je suis autrichien.

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Beautiful gallery