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Elsa the Snow Queen Bound And Gagged

Nah, just kidding! It's the complete spriteset for the OCEAN's zombie nurses :P

OCEAN & related media (c) :iconeinhanderzwei:
Additional monster design (c) :iconheellawait:

The sprites are based on the photomanipulation of the following MD3 models:
Skelebot (c) OpenArena Team
Conni (c) Vebjorn Strommen
Image details
Image size
2000x2000px 1.88 MB
© 2014 - 2021 EinhanderZwei
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Snowy-Aegis's avatar
I've had an idea which could be both terrible and awesome.
EinhanderZwei's avatar
Huh? Tell me please!
Snowy-Aegis's avatar
I could save it, put it into my art program and use it as a base for other monsters. Like Aquatoids or something.

Christ I saw your Aquatoid thing and I was like 'Jesus Christ I thought they were nightmare jellyfish, this is much fuckin worse'
EinhanderZwei's avatar
Heh, I appreciate the gesture, but they will be the only enemy type that use this base (like, the only 'female' enemy type). In fact, I have most of the humanoid enemies almost covered, as the more 'exotic'-looking ones won't appear in the demo

HOWEVER, you may feel free to use it as a base for Adrift/Vanguard enemies! :dummy:
Snowy-Aegis's avatar
You know I meant like to know where certain sprites go, right? So I know where to put running sprites and crap.
EinhanderZwei's avatar
Weeell, if you mean this particular sheet, it goes like this:

Row 1, sprites 1-5 - standing still;
Rows 1-4, sprites 1-5 - walking ('standing still' is a part of the walking cycle, too);
Rows 1-2, sprites 6-10 - attacking;
Row 3, sprites 6-10 - getting hurt;
Row 4, sprites 6-10 - regular death;
Row 5 - gibbed death
Snowy-Aegis's avatar
Would just be easier to use it as a layer and delete it when done. If you do want/are fine with help, just tell me what it is and if possible a link to a reference, I'll see what I can do.
EinhanderZwei's avatar
Well, right now all the enemy sprites for the Ocean Demo are already completed and finalized; however, if you wish to use these as a base for your projects, I permit :)
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PictureOnProgress's avatar
Zombie mechanical nurses?
Not the safest combo :noes:
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EinhanderZwei's avatar
LOL, not really; they're just part of the science personnel turned zombies
PictureOnProgress's avatar
Who commanded such transformation? D:
EinhanderZwei's avatar
There will be a definite answer, but I'm not going to spoil it :P
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