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So ever since I moved to North Bend, OR in july/august i've been very depressed over the lack of craft stores. I kinda just gave up hope because all i could find were antique shops. :( I've been itching to cross stitch lately!! So i finally just googled craft stores in north bend, or. and sure enough it tells me theres one in the local mall, less then a block from where i work. HOW DID I MISS THIS?! I get paid tomorrow. i know where i'm going!! Gonna get me some aida cloth and some dmc thread. i've never bought cloth before, so i hope prices aren't too bad. i know dmc is usually cheap.

SO HAPPY. stay tuned!!
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Well today i finally got my first negative comment. It was bound to happen sooner or later i think, everyone has opinions. Although their comment left me wondering. My digital cross stitching, does it look too much like just a filter? I thought i had finally improved my technique but now i'm rethinking it. Is there a way to make it better? use different colors maybe? :shrug:

i usually grab the colors from the sprite itself. maybe i should run the sprite through a pattern maker before drawing it pixel by pixel. guh, the only reason i draw cross stitches in photoshop is because i have dmc thread or aida cloth or anything like that. its all at my parents house. I shouldn't let this comment get to me really. ><;

time to keep pushing forward!! need to rethink and improve my technique, so this doesn't happen again.
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So yeah its been over a year since my last journal entry. ><; i was kinda distracted by video gaming, web design and desperately searching for a job. ^^; I have one again now! Same company as before just different place. Anyways, i'm only just not posting stuff again on DA, sorry for the hiatus. :(

I've been getting back into "digital cross stitching" and slowly finding out small tips and tricks to make it easier. I think i'm getting better, i'm still making mistakes in the design along the way but i think only i notice them D: So far i've only being doing sprites, mostly from fighting games, etc. since they are the easiest.

Although i'm starting on a new digital cross stitch, i hope it turns out well. It's a normal video game image, so not spriteness to go off of. god i hope it turns out well. haha. I'm only 3 hours into the project. Even though i have a job, i only have about 2/3 shifts a week. so it's left me with a lot of time to draw cross stitches, pixel by pixel.

I'm also started coloring images you have more to look forward to.
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So i'm working on my other side project again now that my Crono is done. I'm about 20% done i say and i've already made a few mistakes. D: I'm one of those people were i hate to go back and rip out i just somehow go with the flow. I'll find a way to make it look good >.>;; Hopefully it won't be too noticeable, seeing its part of the face. But yeah, hope to have this done before i go to MN to visit my boyfriend.

From the 11th to the 23rd i'll be there, and then around the 28th i'm moving to Oregon! That'll be exciting.
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Has it really been since November that i've written an entry? Man i'm the worst. haha. I still have my bf's b-day project to finish. Not to mention I have started another small cross stitch project to the side. I have a lot of random sketches somewhere too. But yeah, not dead. ^^;
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So my bf's project is about 90% done. I've been working slowly on it, at this rate i think its going out with his christmas present @_@ Thanksgiving and other stuff had me busy lately. Hopefully you'll see the finished product soon. Now to find a frame for it....
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Operation Stressout

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 8, 2009, 11:54 PM
This cross stitch project is slowly eating away at my soul. LOL. I'm about 50% done? I need to chop chop because my bf's b-day is on the 15th. I need to probably have it done by thursday so i can send it out friday. I made a mistake though. I did one row of stitches one too many spaces up from the rest of the stuff i had done...and i didn't notice it till now. and if i undo the stitches about 2 more rows of stitches are going to be messed up. at this point i just don't care. i'm going to work around it somehow, probably by just duplicating one of the rows. i believe its mostly black and brown anyways. So yeah...update.

Its been forever since i've done a cross stitch. i'm kinda rusty. but once this is done it will have been 3rd project done.

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Cross Stitching

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 3, 2009, 1:05 AM
Man oh man first DA journal entry. What to write about....I just finished my little virtual cross stitching experiment. I'm rather pleased and i may just continue to do projects like that off to the side.

My main project at the moment is an actual cross stitch. I'm kinda broke at the moment and my boyfriend's birthday is coming up on the 15th. I've been itching to cross stitch since i haven't in months. So i asked my boyfriend what his favorite old school video game character was. I was guessing frog from Chrono Trigger...i wasn't too far off. haha. He told me Crono. So i'm working on a stitch of his ingame portrait.

It's been kinda mom's pattern maker kinda went crazy with the image....Chrono Trigger is like what...16 bit? 24 bit? My mom's program gave my pattern over 50 colors @_@ So i've been working from that...i really hope it turns out okay. I'm missing more than half the colors i need but i'm going to the fabric store with my mom in a few days.

So in progress...about 10% complete. i've made lots of mistakes already lol. and i'm clumsy and prick myself a lot. ^^;

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