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November 5, 2009
The Exile Walkthrough by ~Eilorendil Go grab a coffee and a biscuit while it loads and then watch how Eilorendil makes magic happen.
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The Exile Walkthrough

use LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. If that doesn't work, you need to click on the image first.

This is a walkthrough of

I'm terribly sorry about the ridiculous file size. It's 30MB, so it killed my poor laptop. I've never used Flash for anything other than simple animations and I've certainly never worked with Actionscript without help before... I know it's not the most user-friendly layout... tried to add buttons, but for some reason I kept getting errors. I'm way too exhausted to do anything about that now - it'll have to wait until after my exams.

Links/brushes/stocks in the tut:

Romance by *Iardacil .

Advanced Cutting Tutorial

Sharpening Tutorial

Quote/critique on shadows by =drop-asd

Woman | Female - hand | Female - hand | Hair brushes | Vegetation brushes | Stalag-thingies 1 | Stalag-thingies 2 | Water | Water ripples | Texture (water) | Texture | Stones | Cave - background | Big Stones | Pillar | Stones | Cave - background | Knight - body | Knight - helmet | Knight - hand | Texture (stone) | Moss

Water texture | Sword | Stalag...mite? | Cave |
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PhoenixalThor's avatar
Wow this has been really helpful.
aguzze's avatar
AMAZING tutorial! I learned so much! Thank you for sharing!
MerrisHawk's avatar
Fun to watch, thank you! I love spending hours digging through stock images and this walkthrough certainly sparked my imagination!
Inay's avatar
C'est vraiment très impressionnant. Merci beaucoup pour ce "guide". =D
Eilorendil's avatar
vous êtes les bienvenus! (was that right? Been some time since I took French ^^;)
Inay's avatar
That's right, or "De rien". =D

(No, I'm not late. There is no proof. Ahem.)
Goodnameswerechosen's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial! It's really detailed, and it sure helps a lot for both new and experienced users out there. I love to see not the techniques, but the way in which another artist does their work. And honestly, it helps to know that even good artists are human and make mistakes too! :XD:
Also, there's so much thought put in the piece, it made me realize I really need to think more about my own manipulations, and never give up! It helped me a lot, thank you again :)
Eilorendil's avatar
Thanks so much! I spent a lot of time writing this, but it makes it worth it when I get comments like yours. And I know what you mean - I love to see what goes on "behind the scenes" too.

Best of luck with your art :heart:
Troyzen's avatar
Thank You.Really very cool.First of all for beginners
Good Works
Eilorendil's avatar
Thanks, sweetie :) I'm glad you liked it.
WeepingSymphony's avatar
it's wonderful' i do have a tablet but it's perfectly true that it cannot replace talent! i love how a great job you did!
Eilorendil's avatar
Thank you, that's so nice to hear :hug: I've nothing against tablets really, I just can't seem to save enough money for one, heh. Since you do have one, you should put it to good use :aww:
WeepingSymphony's avatar
i understand... and i'll try to do my best! :) keep up the great work!
Aderyn-Azula's avatar
That's amazing- I love the whole tutorial and the image.

I do have question though--how did you make it? I see that you used flash, but what program did you use?
Eilorendil's avatar
The images were put together in Photoshop, then exported to Adobe Flash :) I used Actionscript (Flash's programming language) to make it interactive.

Not sure if that answered your question...?
Aderyn-Azula's avatar
no, thank you- that was what i was wondering :)
wonderful job!
Eilorendil's avatar
you're quite welcome^^
I will echo the comments by a lot of other people and tell you this is a wonderful tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing. Do you have plans to share other similar tutorials with us? I am try to teach myself how to make photomanips and you have helped me greatly! If you ever decided to give a workshop, let me know. Keep up the wonderful work and take care.

Eilorendil's avatar
Thank you so much for the kind comment; I appreciate it so much. :aww: It means alot to me to hear that you could get some use out of this.

As long as there are people who're interested, I'll continue to write tuts and I plan to make walkthroughs for all the manips I make in the future (sadly I don't make them frequently, but hopefully this might change).

Workshops? I haven't thought about that; I still haven't finished uni and there aren't many people interested in that kind of thing where I live. But I enjoy tutoring students, so if I go to UK or the US in a few years I'll keep your idea in mind :heart:

Thanks again :hug:
This is great! Thank you for sharing. I am a novice at computers-is there a way to download this tutorial and store to hard drive to make it easier to review rather than downloading every single time? Are you planning on making any more tuts? Thanks, again!

Moonlit-Torch's avatar
wow... x.x truly epic.
crucial-crescent's avatar
wow thanks alot! This made me want to have photoshop now :$ lols I have GIMP and am a complete failure at it ^_^ thanks a lot for the insight and your brilliant and gorgeous pictures which leave me flabbergasted ^_^
Eilorendil's avatar
Lol... you're very welcome, sweetie. And hey, don't write yourself off as a failure yet! You should see some of the first images I made in Photoshop - I still cringe whenever I look at them :lol:

Sorry for the somewhat delayed reply - been some hectic weeks with exams, but I just wanted to get back to you to say that I really appreciate the comment.

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