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Just a quick note to let you know you can now get the following pieces as prints here on dA. :)

Sylith Adaar by eilidh Celephais by eilidh The Ashlands by eilidh Forest Shades by eilidh

If there's anything in my gallery you're interested in as a print but is not available, let me know!

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Not dead!

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I think we have already established how bad I am at updating my deviantART journal, right? It's been over two years again!

If you're not following me elsewhere and have been wondering what I've been up to - well, I've been all right for starters! 2012 was a good year, art-wise, with three book covers and interior illustrations for an RPG adventure series.

In December 2012 I moved house, and had to put much work into turning it into a habitable space; it had been previously uninhabited and was in very bad shape. Between dealing with plumbing disasters, long hours at my day job, travelling (Saudi Arabia for work, Japan for holidays) I ended up painting almost nothing throughout 2013, and it was starting to bug me.

I made it a New Year resolution to paint more in 2014. So far I've stuck to it, and realise how much happier I am for it. Of course, on a day to day basis I'm mostly frustrated with my shortcomings as an artist, but I'm working on it. The greater picture is definitely better. :)

Social media updates:
You can now catch up with me on Instagram, too. I post my works, but also photos of Athens (I walk around town a lot!) and from travels in Greece and abroad.
My main tumblr account is strictly art-focused, but I have a personal one, too. (Don't worry, I keep it sane, up to two posts a day maximum!)

Hope you've all been well!

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I was in Dubai for work this week, and thankfully I had some time to see the city. It is very impressive to say the least.

I normally don't upload photos here, so here's a link to the Flickr set I put up if you want to see them:

Despite all the bling and jaw-dropping moments, though, it is sobering to think how Dubai came to be like it is: The dark side of Dubai, by Johann Hari.

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Some thanks first: to DarkMemoirs for suggesting and alicexz for featuring Medea in the Daily Deviations last December.

Since I'm so bad at keeping up with this DA journal, you can get (much) more frequent updates from me on twitter. I do tweet a lot, but I try to keep it interesting. :)

My Facebook tries to be friends-only, and I've not been yet convinced to open a page solely for the art, yet.

Pretty much everything I draw lately is posted on the sketch blog: finished pieces (and sometimes their process) watercolours and quick digital sketches that normally won't get posted here.

Also, I finally gave in and joined tumblr. I still don't make much sense of it, but well - if you have it, you can keep up with me there, too. ;)

Am I missing something? Possibly my LJ, whose public entries get more or less the same content.

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