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New prints added

Tue Apr 7, 2015, 4:09 AM
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Just a quick note to let you know you can now get the following pieces as prints here on dA. :)

Sylith Adaar by eilidh Celephais by eilidh The Ashlands by eilidh Forest Shades by eilidh

If there's anything in my gallery you're interested in as a print but is not available, let me know!

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Not dead!

Wed Apr 2, 2014, 10:58 AM
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I think we have already established how bad I am at updating my deviantART journal, right? It's been over two years again!

If you're not following me elsewhere and have been wondering what I've been up to - well, I've been all right for starters! 2012 was a good year, art-wise, with three book covers and interior illustrations for an RPG adventure series.

In December 2012 I moved house, and had to put much work into turning it into a habitable space; it had been previously uninhabited and was in very bad shape. Between dealing with plumbing disasters, long hours at my day job, travelling (Saudi Arabia for work, Japan for holidays) I ended up painting almost nothing throughout 2013, and it was starting to bug me.

I made it a New Year resolution to paint more in 2014. So far I've stuck to it, and realise how much happier I am for it. Of course, on a day to day basis I'm mostly frustrated with my shortcomings as an artist, but I'm working on it. The greater picture is definitely better. :)

Social media updates:
You can now catch up with me on Instagram, too. I post my works, but also photos of Athens (I walk around town a lot!) and from travels in Greece and abroad.
My main tumblr account is strictly art-focused, but I have a personal one, too. (Don't worry, I keep it sane, up to two posts a day maximum!)

Hope you've all been well!

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Thu Feb 23, 2012, 11:55 PM
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I was in Dubai for work this week, and thankfully I had some time to see the city. It is very impressive to say the least.

I normally don't upload photos here, so here's a link to the Flickr set I put up if you want to see them:

Despite all the bling and jaw-dropping moments, though, it is sobering to think how Dubai came to be like it is: The dark side of Dubai, by Johann Hari.

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Some thanks first: to DarkMemoirs for suggesting and alicexz for featuring Medea in the Daily Deviations last December.

Since I'm so bad at keeping up with this DA journal, you can get (much) more frequent updates from me on twitter. I do tweet a lot, but I try to keep it interesting. :)

My Facebook tries to be friends-only, and I've not been yet convinced to open a page solely for the art, yet.

Pretty much everything I draw lately is posted on the sketch blog: finished pieces (and sometimes their process) watercolours and quick digital sketches that normally won't get posted here.

Also, I finally gave in and joined tumblr. I still don't make much sense of it, but well - if you have it, you can keep up with me there, too. ;)

Am I missing something? Possibly my LJ, whose public entries get more or less the same content.

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Thu Jul 14, 2011, 2:50 AM

Joumana Medlej's (aka Majnouna) Volume 4 of Malaak: Angel of Peace launched on July 9 in Beirut. If you get the printed volume, you'll also find my guest art piece inside! I think it came out very nicely in print, just as the whole comic was a treat; a very different experience from reading it online. Highly recommended!

Malaak IV cover by Majnouna Malaak's Dream by eilidh

I'm also considering submitting two Mass Effect pieces for the Bioware Fan Art showcase in San Diego Comic Con; although the deadline is, well, tomorrow! I have this quick piece of a turian, as well as Spaceborn. I feel that both need a few touch-ups. If you have any suggestions, by all means let me know. :)

Barefaced by eilidh Spaceborn by eilidh

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Feature at Digital Artist mag

Wed Apr 27, 2011, 12:58 AM

I'm really bad at keeping this journal updated, am I not? :} Hope you've all been well!

This is just a quick note to let you know that my work Prayer Flags has been featured in the Gallery Pages of Digital Artist issue 19. Thanks goes to April Madden for the selection!

And also thanks to my friend remthemighty, who posted the spread on her LJ. I haven't got my copy of Digital Artist yet, and I had really wanted to take a look!

There will be a couple more publications and projects I'm participating in in the next couple of months, and I'm very excited about them all. I'll make sure to keep you posted!

Other than that, I've been posting my sketches and quick paintings on a regular basis at my sketchblog; for more frequent updates, you can also follow me on twitter, where I also share the interesting and useful things I find on the net. :)

A Happy Spring to those of you in the Northern hemisphere! (That is supposing that the weather is not as whimsical as it has been here in Greece. Since the beginning of March, we've had sun, wind, rain, snow - you name it, we've had it!)

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Happy Holidays

Fri Dec 24, 2010, 2:38 AM

Hope you have a great time, everyone!

I admit I don't care about Christmas too much, possibly because of the shopping craze associated with it. I don't like how people are pressured to buy, buy, buy, and I think the festive feel can be just too forced, with the Santa hats and the ho-ho-ho's and what not.

On the plus side, I do like it when kids come out with their triangles (and guitars, and small drums) in the streets on Christmas' and New Year's Eve to sing carols. (Okay, they're after money as well, but I still find it a lovely custom). It's also a good chance for people and families to get together: for me that's the best aspect of this and every holiday.

As for news, I've had a very busy couple of months, but I'm glad that I manage to find some time for drawing and painting (those who follow the sketch blog are probably aware of this!). I have also opened an account on flickr, because given a chance and a camera I will shoot obsessively. Let me know if there's something there that you'd like to use as stock, texture or reference: I like to share. :)

Wish you all the very best for 2011.

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Sun Sep 26, 2010, 3:38 AM

For anyone who is interested, I also maintain a sketchblog at blogger ( I update it about once or twice a month (sometimes more), and you can find there sketches and WIPs that don't make it here: I generally only post finished images at deviantART. :)

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Autumn Findings

Tue Aug 31, 2010, 2:23 AM

I never got round to doing a proper spring cleaning, so I'm doing it  now; I came back to Athens from my summer holidays last Tuesday, feeling rejuvenated and seriously aggro against the clutter in my tiny apartment. Out, old  stuffy stuff!

While sorting, I came across a few things that made me think 'wait -- did I make this?!'

Tengwar Calligraphy!

A  couple years ago I sat down and learned to write in Tolkien's tengwar  script; I always thought it was very beautiful. I was faster at writing  it rather than reading it (which was also the case with some custom  scripts of my own I made up in my late teens), but right now it looks  downright impenetrable.

Also, ancient history =p

A  weird oil sketch I must have done around ten years ago; I think I was  just out of school. Couldn't remember it for the life of me!

Plus this:

A sketch and some artsy-itchy thoughts from around 2005, the latter heavily influenced by AKTO post-modernism. Ack!

(Also, I turned 28 on the 25th. Time flies!)

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CGSociety sketch thread

Tue Apr 13, 2010, 2:56 AM

I recently revived my sketch thread at CGSociety:…

Not too many new works there as yet, but I try to steal time away to draw when I can, so there will be hopefully more. :)

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OK... one should get used to the weird ways deviantART chooses to celebrate April Fool's day. =p

I wonder if the llama badges will stay. I've already got one (thanks, spyroteknik?) ;) Well. They're not that nasty, llamas.

photo by NTDWA

After all, if someone spits at you, you can always claim it's raining. :)

Happy (Harmless) April Fool's Day to everyone, and Happy Easter, too, to those who celebrate it.
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The City of Doors

Tue Mar 16, 2010, 12:44 AM

For those who are familiar with (and if so probably rather fond of!) the Planescape D&D campaign setting, there's now a group dedicated to it. Our aim currently is to bring together Planescape art, but it could well be the ground for more interaction.

So, if you're into it (or just plainly curious), come and visit us!


(TheCityOfDoors is named after Sigil, also known as The Cage, and is pretty much the centre of the Planescape universe.)

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8 years of deviance

Mon Mar 1, 2010, 12:09 AM

Has it really been so long? I suddenly feel old as dirt. :lol: But yes, I opened this account on the 26th of February, 2002. I was then 19 (and quite silly!), making dreamy photo-manipulations (most of which have been wiped out!) and surreal sketches (which you can still find at the far back of my gallery), trying to learn how to paint digitally, hunting the Daily Top Favourites for more exposure =p, excited about meeting other creative people, and, though I probably didn't yet know it, I was absolutely delighted with the opportunity to find so many artworks in one place, to comment on people's works and receive comments on mine, in a direct, easy way that was previously limited to website guestbooks and emails.

deviantART has its good bits and its bad bits, most of which I probably don't even know, having stayed on the fringe of it. I am not very happy about the increasingly corporate face it's been developing and revealing. I would have liked things to remain more honest and frugal in many ways. But deviantART is a big thing, and it is up to us users to determine whether we make good use of it.

I'd like to thank all the people who take an interest in my work. I'd like to thank those who take some time to tell me they like it. I'd really really like to thank (again!) those who take some extra time to point out things, leave a critique, share their thoughts. And of course I want to thank everyone for sharing their work. It's probably redundant -- we all want to show our stuff! -- but I'm glad when I see works I like. So thanks for sharing. :)

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Tue Feb 2, 2010, 7:00 AM

Inatten - steps & brushes
Not a tutorial per se, just some of the steps to the finished Inatten, along with some brief explanation of how I worked.
Inatten - steps by eilidh

As an extra, these are the brushes I used (textured ones by David-Holland):

(right-click and view image for larger view)

Planeword - CSS Journal Skin
Also, I gave in to my CSS addiction and made this journal skin to match Planeword on LJ. Feel free to install and use it -- just let me know if you do!

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yes, it's alive

Mon Feb 4, 2008, 12:44 AM

I really am. :)

And I am fine, too. Thrown out of schedule in some areas, busy in others. I have not been painting much -- in fact, I have hardly painted at all in 2007.

As to where I've been, and what I've been up to: not the easiest thing to sum up, but I'll give it a go:

December 2006: Edinburgh, Scotland, visiting my brother. He moved there last summer. I want to move there, too: Edinburgh is a wonderful place.

January-February 2007: worked on my research project at AKTO. Subject: The Fantastic Landscape. The presentation had an audience of *cough* 5 people apart from the examiners, but I got a 9,5 out of 10 for it (book + presentation). :) Click here to see the book cover and read an English summary.
Was supposed to be an exam period at uni, as well, but there had been strikes all through the winter semester, so these were lost. :(
5th Kup at Tae Kwon Do, but stopped soon afterwards. I had a knee injury half a year back, and it's been bugging me to this day.

March 2007: applied for a post-grad at the School of Informatics (University of Edinburgh) for the Cognitive Science and Natural Language programme. Fingers crossed. Flew to Venice to join my father in a business trip; 1000km on the road in 4 days, all over north and central Italy. A hasty glimpse of Siena at night, and some really bad photos of it: I really want to visit again.

April 2007: Begun some feeble attempts for my final project at AKTO, with a mixed media approach -- photomanipulation as well as digital painting. I am adamant when it comes to the digital medium, because I feel that in the art circles it is generally looked down on. I was not so certain when it came to the subjects, though. It made for a good deal of confusion.

May 2007: The strikes at uni were over, after having practically lost the winter semester and chewed off half of the spring one. Getting ready for the exams. Loads of angst:  I was running out of time. Transferred my AKTO final project for the following year.

June 2007: A reply from the School of Informatics, expressing interest in my application, but reluctant because of my lack of a technical background.

July 2007: Exams at uni. Bad, bad performance. got three 5's. Failed two papers. I said goodbye to the idea of graduating in September, and posponed my post-grad application for next year. Loads, loads of angst. Started work at my father's by the end of the month.

August 2007: Off to Lemnos. Invited some friends this time. Four days exploring the island: 5 people in a 4-seat jeep. Greeks will fully understand the expression "to kloubi me tis treles" (tous trelous, en th prokeimenh). For the rest, the term "madness" is somewhat close to it. :) I spent another ten days there, getting to swim as often as possible. Truly hated to go back to Athens.

September-October 2007: Double exam period (courtesy of the lost one in February). Did better this time. Two subjects (plus my grad thesis) remaining till graduation.

November - December 2007: Working at my father's. Preparing a product catalog, but also doing random office work, as well as random work in general. Becoming acquainted with the Greek small business model of minimal (to non-existent) organisation. :)

January 2008: Mostly procrastinating... ik. :}

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Academic year, beginning of September: This is as imporant a start as any. That is, probably not important at all. But assuming you want to chase some goals, starts and dates like this can be important for planning and scheduling. I know for one I vastly rely on scheduling -- and adhering to schedules, which is surely harder.

The July exams went very well: passed six subjects, and with very good grades, too. I'm closer to my degree now. :) The offside was that I felt extremely exhausted when it was over; instead of a creative burst, I sank into idleness and, annoyingly enough, to depression. These two go hand in hand it seems, and I am not sure which generates which. Though I think idleness is to blame, generally.

I spent a couple of days playing Morrowind in early August. It's now on my favourite games list: great depth, great versatility when it comes to creating and developing a character, and well put together aesthetically. I played an Altmer, custom class resembling a Battlemage; I was pretty much hooked with the game, so when I got back from holidays I spent two more days playing, then uninstalled it and gave the CDs and saved games to my friend to rid myself of the temptation!

Holidays involved the regular one week trip to Lemnos. It was the first time in years I hated to leave the island; I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there. Athens often feels oppressive; the fresh air and cooler climate, being able to walk and run in the fields, swim at a crystal-clear sea were just what I needed, and I couldn't get enough of it.

I only took some photos from my mobile, so this is pretty much the only place I feel I can share them at this point.

Myrina 2
Defining summer mood :) -- this was taken in Myrina, capital and main port town of the island.

Alyki 1

Alyki 2

Alyki 3

Alyki 4

Dusk in Alyki -- a saltern some 2km east of my village, on the northeastern part of the island (check sattelite picture here: it's the white patch on the east coast). It is a ragged, desolate landscape, and therefore very beautiful and calming in my eyes. I'd have liked to go there with a proper camera, but I just went there for jogging that evening, and my mobile was the only thing I was (and could be) carrying.

In other news, here's some f my latest (or not so latest) hooks:

Music: Tarmvred. It's darkly, it's cheerful, it makes me want to dance, it's intelligent and intricate and swells and ebbs with a stimulating tension. Favourite tracks: 8 from Viva6581, Mourning (remix by digidroid) from Onomatopoeic, and the entire Subfusc album. The latter one is noisy, I should warn.

Films/Video: still on my Anime hook: I've now gone for series. Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain and Samurai Champloo were all extremely enjoyable to watch. I think what I like in anime is the style: it has a certain kind of intricacy and dynamics that appeal to me a lot.

Games: As mentioned above, Morrowind. Too bad (or perhaps not so bad, considering the addiction factor) my PC is too slow to play Oblivion.


:bulletblue: Last but not least, GH-MoNGo, whom I did not know previously, surprised me today by buying me a 3-month subscription. Thank you very much, again!  :bulletblue:
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Right, so perhaps it's not. It's usually hot. Though again, we've just started getting some heavy showers today, and it has cooled down quite a bit. Mostly, July is holidays for most students. But that's not correct either in this case.

After several weeks of striking (during which the June exam period was lost), the lecturers got back together.  So lectures begin on Monday again and will go on for the first tenday of July so to fill in the gaps in the syllabus (much of the spring term was lost due to strikes as well), and then there's an  exam period for near-graduates until... well, I guess until the end of the month.

It feels strange going to uni in July, and a little, just a little disheartning to have my exams when I'm supposed to be on holidays. My main consolation is that I can sit for some subjects now, and some in September (which is option #2 for near-graduates and the only option for all other students from the first years), and that I estimate the examiners to be fairly lenient due to the, hm, adversary circumstances. Besides, I was a completely lazy bum when it came to studying all through June.

My other (sore!) regret is that I've been bitten by the creative bug again. (Speaking of which, there's a little story/scene about this creative bug. Ask me about it one day, I might post it. ;)) I've taken up again painting and drawing with a passion I haven't had since I first started art classes at Akto, almost three years ago now. And while I'd have loved to be occupied with it several hours a day, now I must put it aside again, and grumble in the constant temptation -- or give in to the temptation, and grumble in the constant guilt. It has every prospect to be bad. I hope it won't be, for once.

Other news involve my TKD promotions -- 6th Kup now, green belt. Although I passed, I wasn't pleased with my performance. Nothing to make a real fuss about, it was just one of those bad days -- but it was a bit of a pity because I had worked very hard for several weeks, and on that day I felt as though I were in a worse shape than on any other day in training. Oh well -- I hope 5th Kup will go better. :)

Other than that, my days so far have been filled with sketching, sketching, thinking, wasting time, posting at CGTalk, training, sketching. Occasionally sleeping.

If you're interested in seeing some of these sketches and works in progress I've been doing these past few weeks, you can check my WIP thread at CGTalk. There are several pieces there that didn't -- and won't -- make it here in deviantART.
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I normally wouldn't bother mentioning my mood. It's a thing that shifts so unreliably, I prefer to completely neglect it. But, these days, I'm feeling good. :D -- and it's not a mood thing, either, it's sheer creativity euphoria. I feel my little brain: it's twirling. It's joy, I tell you! And I shall tell you no more. I am working on something, true, but it's partially on hold due to -- well, when is it I am at my most creative phase? Exams, of course. That, and the fact I may never feel bold enough to show it to the world. I love the process nonetheless. =)

At any rate... It's been some time I've been thinking about making a few recommendations in my journal. So I'll make a start with deviants whose work I like and feel they could do with a little more exposure. In the next entries I hope to add some non-da artists, then eventually, film (again, amongst less popular titles), and music recommendations (probably in the experimental/electronic genre).

:iconbluthan: :iconbunnydee: Embarrassingly enough, I've only just noticed that Bluthan and bunnydee have DA accounts. So take a look at their galleries. They're very clever, very creative people, and loads of fun. Ask bluthan about his videos, too! =)

:iconsenecal: I have found Senecal's work to be very interesting. What he's exactly trying to do somewhat escapes me, which I put down to the fact I've not read extensively enough the descriptions in his works apart from his recent ones. It's one of the things I intend to do at some point; I suspect he's into the art school mentality that has always eluded me so. For now, just take a look at his work. It's something quite different than what you're probably used to seeing.

:iconsvunnig: svunnig posts sparingly. However, he is one of the first people I started watching back in the days of DA, and to this day I find his work as interesting as diverse. His small video (3 sekuden) is one among my all-time favourites.

:iconthraxllisylia: thraxllisylia's work, I often think, is the things that I would love to create (cf missing land etc.) but taken several steps further that I could. I really love it. Seeing it soothes my heart a bit for what I don't get round to (or can't) do. Beautiful, beautiful work. Do not miss it out.

:iconmoandreamer: moandreamer is a good friend of mine, and I am not sure he needs exposure, but I really like his photography. His landscapes and sceneries have the tendency to ...stir my heart! Seeing how I am much more driven by things I find interesting, this makes a difference. Apart from that, though, really: I struggle to find faults in his shots. And almost always cannot. Beh! =p

:iconmeisiluosi: Meisiluosi, if you ask me, has gorgeous, wicked, dark and moody but absolutely not redundant illustrations. And I love how she can work on characters that are not pretty, but still, or rather, because of it, compelling. Go see her work, now. =)

:iconmaya81: maya81 is gone for almost three years now, but her work was quite exceptional. I think it's worth not forgetting it.

Hmm. I had in mind to mention some more deviants, but swamping the page is not something I like: it renders the exposure insignificant. Probably more will come in a second entry.  =)
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The metaphor stood before me*, fists on its hips. It was glaring at me, too, but I couldn't really see it, because I was busy howling with pain and covering my eye.
'I told you you could not tell me apart if I hit you in the eye!' lashed out the metaphor.
'I certainly did not realise you meant it literally!' I whined in response.

*first person maintained for the sake of politeness.

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You must know of those people who have the habit of talking to their plants.
I am in a way pretty much like them. I've got a plant; let's call it my consciousness. It's a wayward little thing, spreading all over the place, in patches disheveled. It was planted on good soil, but has been much, much neglected.
And now that I've set out to take care of it, and started to water it (whenever I don't forget), I often catch myself standing in front of it and mutter imperatively: Grow, grow.
And the poor little thing struggles to untangle its roots and stretch its leaves to a spot of sunlight, thinking that it should preserve humidity, too: Who knows when I'll remember to water it next.

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