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From earlier this year, a semi-quick environment. I had the river Styx and Charon, the ferryman, in mind.
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Love this piece.
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your art is so beautiful!! 
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beautiful piece :)
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no prob :), hey if you don't mind can you please tell me what format do you upload your image on DA, in PNG or JPEG? thanks in advance
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thanks for replying, sorry if im being annoying , but i heard that JPEGs make a digital painting rough around the edges and isn't sharp enough as compared to PNGs , thats why i use PNG, just wanted to know what you think :)
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I don't think there's a visible difference for JPEG images intended for web viewing. A high quality JPEG can be even fit for printing, too. There are very specific uses that require a lossless format like PNG.
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okay, thanks for replying :)
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Featured your wonderful work here [link] :heart:
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Very magical and calming.
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Love it! Very nice spooky tone.
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Really gloomy and lonely feel to it.
Great work! :)
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So dreamy....:) very nice....
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It's cold but beautiful. :)

Added to our weekly inspiration: [link]
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oh.. it reminds me of Dante's Inferno when the first time i saw this piece. and later when i read your comment, you mentioned about the river Styx and Charon. nicely done, i really get the hellish atmosphere :) love it :heart:
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Hellish! I always pictured this as a very serene, if gloomy scene. But each person may see different things in a single picture. Anyway, thanks! :)
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