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Nightmare Hunter

By eilidh
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Done as an entry for the 'Faces of PB' event at pixelbrush, portraying Tasi Zsuzsa (Akasha). My initial intention was to keep part of the picture relatively abstract, or surrealist, but that didn't work out too well, and I had to call it finished just before the deadline.

Mostly painted in Photoshop; I used Painter for a few touch-ups in the foreground vegetation.

References: from Akasha's site.

Progress: here

Closeups: figure | river | nightmare
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Beautiful work!:hug:
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We all need a nightmare hunter sometimes like Indian make dream-catcher...
Interesting fantasy!
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Well, here it is! :D
Thanks again!
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You're very welcome! :)
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This reminds me of one of the videos from kids r skary. The Tale of Ida, something like that.
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It has something... magical :love:
:clap: well done
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Great idea, and nicely done. I like the colours.
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I still love it! Mostly the beautifull colors! And you've bringen out the best of that reference photo! ;)
Thank you for I could be the modell of this picture!
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My pleasure, really. :)
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I must say the nightmares are great. So much detail and you can clearly see their form, yet they still look intangible and substance-less (I may have made that word up!)
The folds on the clothing are perfect too, and as you look at it for longer you notice the little touches like the river, the foreground grass and the mountains.

I also like the ';pure' white area in front of her, like there's some kind of barrier stopping the nightmares getting too close. The light should always have strength over the dark.

Hope you post some more paintings some time, although when they look this good I don't mind waiting!
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Thanks for your insightful comment. :)

The white area in the middle, oh my! Just lately I'm in the process of touching this work up, and I've had two different input sources telling me the white is like a hole in the composition and has to be toned down. Now you turn up and say you actually like it... *laughs* One can never have everyone pleased, can they? ;)
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Ahh, as usual I'm causing trouble :) Sorry to be the dissenting voice!

I'm quite sure the picture would look just as beautiful and detailed if you did decide to neutralise that white area a little, so I'd go with your gut and do it however you want to :)
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No worries. :) I'll see what I'll do with it. In the end one cannot but follow their own intuition.
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Beautiful work! :worship:
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Very impressive work!
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I like how the hair slightly resembles the nightmare dragons.
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That hadn't occurred to me at all. :)
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What more can I say.
You re my favorite artist !!!
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(thanks anyway!)
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