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‘A sword rang as it was drawn. “Do what you will; but I will hinder it, if I may.”’

Éowyn, The Lord of the Rings

Done for Athenscon 2017 on the kind request of Will o'Wisps.

Pose reference: Elandria
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This is great. I love the armour and her facial expression. And her hair looks great too :)

Great style, great armor, great job. Thanks for sharing it with us.

A wonderful tribute to the classic style of John Howe. Appreciate the realistic armour immensely.

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Thank you! This actually made -for- John Howe, who was visiting Athenscon 2017. I gave him a print of the painting and he had good things to say about it. I was over the moon. :)

Wow that is just unbelievably cool! I'm so happy for you!

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Very nice. One of my favorite scenes from both the book and the Peter Jackson movie. :)

To steal a quote from The Princess Bride: "That word doesn't mean what he thinks it means." :D
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The quality here is amazing. I wouldn't bat an eye if I saw it in a museum.
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This is so beautiful. She was one of my favorite characters from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Superb. :)
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Try to actually put chainmail on. The piece the girl is wearing must weight at least 60 kg, the same as the girl herself. She will hardly be able to lift it, let alone use a sword at the same time
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You've got it wrong; chain mail weighs about 10kg, 20kg tops (look it up). The weight of it is evenly distributed so that anyone can move fluidly in it.
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that depends on how long it is, whether it is chest or full body, this girl's chain is full body and extra long at that.
I may have shot a bit over the top, but 20kg is also way to little.
and 20kg by the way is also more than an average girl can carry.

Chain mail is freaking heavy, it is not just a fashion statement.
But I guess if instead of using iron we use some kind of fantasy material like mythril, that is half as light as aluminium and trice as strong as steel, than sure she can carry it.
It still wont help her in a sword fight though, as physical strength is the most important attribute, not simply due to the strengt needed to swing that fancy sword of hers, but also to absorb and direct blows.
Its a fact that is often ignored in RPG's, but there is a reason why women are never seen on the battlefields.

To be honest it is a beautiful painting, but I don't like paintings that lie.
Get her out of that silly outfit and put her in a beautiful dress.
There were reigning queens in the middle ages, but they didn't get to their position by pretending to be a man.

One of my favourites, were Queen Margaret I "the lady king" daughter of Valdemar IV and founder of the Kalmar union.
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Really?  Most of us simply cares about the beauty of the art, the picture itself.  Majority of us don't get so technical as to whether the item she is wearing weighs a ton in reality or not, and frankly most people don't even know or care.....that's the beauty of doesn't have to be realistic!!  Please don't be so critical about someone else's's beautiful to most of us....irrespective of whether it works like that in reality or not.  The beauty of art is that there is no right or wrong way.  Rather encourage, for that too is beautiful.
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Claiming it's not possible for a woman to wear armour and specifically fight with a sword goes against both evidence and daily experience. Women historically (even if not very commonly) have worn armour and fought; They still do in re-enactments as well as martial arts.

Here are some indicative links, you might find them useful:

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Ignore this hilarious little person and keep making beautiful art o___O
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Thank you! No worries! :)
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love the chainmail and the grime vibe. dope
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Your picture is truly inspiring, raw and beautiful.  This is the awesome-ness I keep trying to put into my Sabriel pictures.
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